Robert Pattinson Didn’t Quit Brimstone Because Of FKA Twigs, Despite Report

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Robert Pattinson Brimstone FKA Twigs

By Michael Lewittes |

Robert Pattinson Brimstone FKA Twigs

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Robert Pattinson did not drop out of the movie Brimstone because his fiancee FKA Twigs wouldn’t let him make the film, despite another absurd claim from a highly disreputable site. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this untrue rumor.

As Gossip Cop reported on Wednesday, Pattinson is no longer in Brimstone, and has been replaced by “Game Of Thrones” star Kit Harrington. That simple fact was enough to prompt the highly unreliable webloid Celeb Dirty Laundry to fabricate an entire story that Pattinson’s out of the movie because FKA Twigs is “super needy and hates to let Rob out of her sight long enough to film anything.” The untrustworthy webloid adds that Pattinson’s “needy fiancé Twigs was making it too difficult for him to devote himself to the film entirely.”

Of course, the webloid then inadvertently acknowledges that it knows nothing by asking its (non-journalist) readers, “Why do you think he dropped out of Brimstone? Did it have to do with FKA Twigs?”

CDL has a long and ignominious history when it comes to falsely reporting about Pattinson. A little more than a week ago, Gossip Cop busted the site for wrongly claiming that Pattinson’s sisters were trying to have him call off the wedding. It’s also the same webloid that Gossip Cop corrected when it inaccurately claimed Pattinson was leaving FKA Twigs and getting back together with Kristen Stewart.

Regardless, the site has been very wrong before and it’s wrong again about FKA Twigs not letting Pattinson make Brimstone. While a source connected to the project wouldn’t more fully elaborate, Gossip Cop was exclusively told by an insider that Pattinson dropped out of Brimstone because of scheduling issues.

We wish we had more information, but at least what we do have is accurate, as opposed to made-up stories about FKA Twigs not letting Pattinson make movies.

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Robert Pattinson quit the movie ‘Brimstone’ because FKA Twigs wouldn’t let him make the film.


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