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Robert Pattinson's casting as Batman has led to many false tabloid stories about the actor and his involvement in the latest reboot of the superhero franchise. Gossip Cop has debunked several wrong rumors surrounding the upcoming movie. Here are a few examples.

In July, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming Pattinson wasn't happy with his salary for the Batman reboot. According to the magazine, the actor was upset because he wasn't making as much money as other actors in the industry who've played superheroes, specifically Chris Evans, who stars as Captain America in the Avengers franchise. That point alone didn't make much sense considering that Evans has appeared in multiple films in the Marvel series, while this is Pattinson's first time suiting up as the Dark Knight. Evans obviously didn't earn nearly as much for his first outing as Captain America in 2011 as he did for the subsequent Avengers sequels.

The Hollywood Reporter, a much more reputable publication for film news than any tabloid, reported that Pattinson's Batman salary was pre-negotiated before he even officially won the role. The trusted entertainment outlet noted that decisions regarding "salaries, bonuses and even sequels" were put into place during the audition process. Meanwhile, Pattinson has expressed nothing but excitement about the role in many recent interviews. He hasn't begrudgingly signed on to the project. Gossip Cop also checked in with a source close to Pattinson, who confirmed the tabloid's article was totally untrue.

Earlier that month, Gossip Cop debunked an NW story about Pattinson and Margot Robbie "getting flirty" and bonding over their roles in the Batman franchise. Margot portrayed Harley Quinn in 2016's Suicide Squad and will reprise the role in next year's Birds of Prey. The tabloid claimed the two stars met up to discuss their roles in the DC cinematic universe, and Pattinson had "fallen for her."

In reality, Robbie is happily married to producer Tom Ackerley, while Pattinson has been dating Suki Waterhouse for more than a year. There's also no indication that Pattinson and Robbie are working together in any capacity, despite starring in separate DC projects. In fact, many reports about the actor's Batman movie say it's a standalone project that isn't connected to the other films produced by DC. Regardless, sources close to the situation assured us Pattinson and Robbie never got together to discuss the franchise.

And in June, Gossip Cop called out In Touch for wrongly reporting Armie Hammer was bad-mouthing Pattinson for getting the Batman role over him. Although Hammer was rumored to be up for the film, there's no indication he was ever actually in talks for it. Still, the tabloid contended that the actor was "bitter" and "resentful" over Pattinson nabbing the role, even telling his friends that the Twilight star was "miscast."

As Gossip Cop noted at the time, Hammer denied the rumors he was in talks to play Batman during an appearance on The Tonight Show in March. The actor admitted he'd happily accept the role if it were offered, but also indicated that he hadn't been approached. It's not exactly as if Pattinson stole a role that belonged to Hammer. Meanwhile, the two actors are actually quite friendly. Hammer's wife, Elizabeth Chambers, shared an Instagram photo of the two actors goofing around at the Gotham Awards in 2017. They were also photographed hanging out at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018. Hammer never trash-talked Pattinson for getting the role.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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