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Robert Pattinson laughs off baby and marriage rumors in a new video for Wired. As fans and Gossip Cop readers know, the tabloids have spent years falsely claiming the actor is having a child, and have also fabricated dozens of nonexistent weddings. His reaction to both topics in this interview show how bogus such stories are, but also expose a larger issue.

Pattinson and his Damsel co-star Mia Wasikowska filmed a video for Wired in which they answer the "web's most searched questions" about each of them. The magazine's recurring online segment is inspired by the auto-complete feature on search engines. When a user types in a person's name, the search engines suggest queries based on commonly searched questions. A number of celebrities have participated in the tech-focused outlet's project, including Amy Schumer, Nick Jonas, the cast of "Stranger Things," and more notable names.

Early on during Pattinson and Wasikowska's turns in the hot seat, it's revealed one of the "burning questions" that shows up for the Twilight star is, "Did Robert Pattinson have a baby?" Pattinson feigns shock at the possibility he has a secret child that he doesn't know about, and his colleague amusingly points out, "I don't think you can have a baby," leading him to crack up. Then towards the end of the clip, another "most searched question" is revealed to be, "Who is Robert Pattinson['s] wife?" Again he makes a comical facial expression before confirming, "Don't have one."

But according to the gossip media, Pattinson should have several kids and multiple wives by now. Throughout his on-and-off relationship with Kristen Stewart, OK! repeatedly claimed they were having a child together, even publishing a cover in 2010 that falsely exclaimed, "Rob & Kristen: Yes, We're Going To Have A Baby!" Two years later, that same tabloid peddled a new cover story that wrongly announced a "big wedding." Notably, in that report, the magazine said a baby could come "first," but never explained what happened to the purported baby from two years prior.

Meanwhile, in early 2017 confusion was sparked after GQ published a story that referred to FKA Twigs as Pattinson's "new wife." The description led fans to speculate that the then-engaged couple had secretly tied the knot. But when Gossip Cop investigated, we learned that the writer of the article had simply made a mistake. The piece was later updated to refer to the performer as Pattinson's "lady," with the wife "designation" removed. Of course, he and Twigs never ended up tying the knot, just like he and Stewart didn't.

More recently, Life & Style alleged just four months ago that Pattinson and Katy Perry might be getting married. The publication even quoted a so-called "source" as saying, "Rob's parents approve of Katy and want him to settle down." As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, the longtime friends weren't even dating, let alone contemplating a trip down the aisle. And in the time since that tall tale came out, Perry has shown she's in a committed relationship with Orlando Bloom.

If any of these stories were accurate, Pattinson would currently be a polygamist with a growing family. As his Wired interview showed, though, he did not have a baby and he doesn't have a wife, let alone multiple of each. But the video, while lighthearted, also exemplifies the problem with the proliferation of fake news. These two topics are among the most searched Pattinson queries because of how often such false claims are made and far they spread. Fans end up turning to search engines in hopes of finding out the truth. It's critical then that facts are prioritized over fiction.

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