Robert Pattinson: Actors Who Play Heroes Hide “Gross Stuff” In Real Life

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Robert Pattinson esquire UK

By Shari Weiss |

Robert Pattinson esquire UK

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Robert Pattinson presents an interesting theory about actors who play heroes in a wide-ranging interview with Esquire UK.For the magazine’s October cover story, he also cops to being a pathological liar (at least as a kid) and reveals a burning desire to live anonymously in a van. The article is timed to the UK release of Good Time, although the critically-acclaimed film is already in U.S. theaters.

The topic of lying comes up when Pattinson is discussing his childhood. He describes craving a grittier existence that his actual one, and so he apparently used his imagination. “I decided the best way to be real is to fake it! I used to lie all the time when I was younger,” the actor reveals. “Like even though I had a London accent, I’d tell people I grew up on a farm in Yorkshire. That was about as gritty as I could pull off.” That’s partially why Al Pacino was an acting inspiration, although he self-deprecatingly notes, “I sound like a d*ck already, comparing myself to Pacino!”

Pattinson’s character in Good Time is hardly an upstanding citizen (he’s actually a criminal), and he confesses to being drawn to darker roles. That’s when he presents his thesis. “You know when actors say, ‘I refuse to play someone who does something bad.’ I’m, like, why? That’s f*cking crazy. You can’t do anything bad in your real life,” he explains, so why not on screen? And, he adds, “I think if someone needs to play a hero all the time, it’s probably because they’re doing really gross stuff in their real life.”

To clarify, the Esquire reporter asks, “So you’re telling me, this is the only chance you get to be bad?” With a smile, Pattinson reportedly replies, “Yeah. The rest of the time, I’m an angel!” The writer, who has interviewed the movie star at length in the past, doesn’t delve too deeply into his personal life, but makes a point of noting, “He lives with ‘Twigs,’ aka FKA Twigs, the British singer, and their little dog Solo,” and also relates, “Pattinson leads a fairly quiet life. It’s just him, Twigs and Solo kicking around at home.”

But Pattinson dreams of an escape, and shares that he “nearly” ordered a customized van for life on the road. He tells the magazine, “I was 100 percent going to live in a van, but not just any van — a stealth van! It’s a special niche, not like living in a trailer. Stealth vans looks like a normal transit van, so you can park on the street, put signs on saying you’re a plumber or whatever and no one would notice.” Part of that temptation, he says, is “that thing, where you can just leave in the middle of the night and, like, drive to Nebraska.”

“And with solar power, you’re totally off the grid. I’d love that so much. And I was like, I’m still young, this is my chance,” Pattinson recalls. Alas, he didn’t follow through, but he also hasn’t ruled out going that route in the future. It’s also mentioned that despite the meal setting of the interview, the Twilight star didn’t imbibe in any alcoholic beverages. He memorably declares, “If I drink I’ll sound like a c*ck. Actually, I probably sound like a c*ck already!”

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