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An OK! article about Robert Pattinson abandoning friends was made up. Gossip Cop is told this is a prime example of fake news because no one legitimately close to him spoke with the tabloid.

In an "exclusive" story featured on the gossip magazine's website, a headline announces, "Robert Pattinson Abandons Former Friends & Is Over The Party Lifestyle." The article begins by referencing an 11-month-old interview in which the actor was quoted as saying he used to get "wasted." OK! uses that to now assert, "Robert is back on the straight and narrow, thanks to his fiance, FKA Twigs."

"Rob was basically a 24-hour pot smoker back in his Twilight days, but since his relationship with Twigs got serious, he's scaled back on all his vices and hardly ever drinks or smokes around people," a so-called "insider" claims to the outlet, which actually goes on to blame Kristen Stewart's cheating for Pattinson's old drinking habits. Now, though, "he's matured a lot," the publication's supposed source contends.

This purported snitch further alleges, "Rob's dismayed that Charlie [Hunnam] hasn't given up his pot habit. He doesn't want to hang out with him, or his other hard-partying friends like Tom Sturridge or Eddie Redmayne." The tabloid goes on to opine, "But we haven't heard anything negative about FKA Twigs since they started dating in 2014, so it sounds like having a low-profile and more mature partner is exactly what he needed to turn his life around!"

The piece ends by asking readers, "What are your thoughts on Robert's healthier lifestyle?" A healthier lifestyle is great for everyone, and it seems that, aside from a few sensational lines, this is a positive story. So, it's harmless, right? Wrong. One of the misconceptions about fake news is that it only pertains to articles that are overtly negative. But that's not true.

Fake news refers to any articles that are passed off as a real, legitimate resource of information when the sourcing is anything but authentic. For instance, a recent HollywoodLife story about how George Clooney "changed" after falling for Amal and having kids sounds nice, but it was concocted out of thin air. When an outlet manufactures a story seemingly out of nowhere, that's not news. It's fake news. And that's exactly what OK! is offering up here.

Gossip Cop hears no one in Pattinson's circle spoke with the tabloid about his friendships, lifestyle or anything else. And why should they? The magazine has been printing lies about the actors for years, including stories about his relationship with Twigs that outright contradict this latest one. This new article is only an OK! "exclusive" because it was exclusively made up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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