Robert Kardashian Love Children Story Is Complete “Bull”

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Robert Kardashian Love Children

By Michael Lewittes |


Robert Kardashian, Sr. did not leave two love children behind, despite a wholly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim and expose the outlet for making up the entire tale. We’re told the story is a complete “bull.”

The repeatedly disputed and disproven RadarOnline begins its untrue report with the headline, “Kardashian Secret Sisters! 2 Women Claim To Be Late Dad Robert’s Love Children.” The embarrassingly sloppy site then falsely alleges the new “bombshell”about their father leaving a “string of love kids” has caused the entire Kardashian family to be “beside themselves” and have a “meltdown.”

After noting that Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian may have “secret sisters” and that “2 women” claim to be the family patriarch’s love children, the unreliable blog fills its space with a previously debunked claim by a British woman, who falsely alleged to be the lawyer’s love child. The webloid then accidentally reveals it concocted the entire story by quoting one of its seemingly made-up sources saying, “Another woman from LA and a New York man are claiming to be Robert’s kids and demanding answers. It’s sent the entire family into meltdown.”

Wait, the headline claimed “secret sisters” and “2 women” allege to be Kardashian’s love children. Did the untrustworthy site forget its own lie a few paragraphs later when it wrote, “Another woman from LA and a New York man”? Busted! As if we had any doubt before about RadarOnline lying, a Kardashian rep confirms exclusively to Gossip Cop that the whole story is “bull.”

Gossip Cop has caught the webloid manufacturing tons of Kardashian and Jenner tales, but this one may be the most egregious. This untrue tale had no specifics, such as how old the supposed love children were, who their mothers are, or why they waited nearly 13 years after Kardashian’s death to come forward. It had one detail, which was that there may be two “secret sisters,” and the site couldn’t even keep that lie straight. See screen shots of the fabricated story below.

Robert Kardashian Love Children


Robert Kardashian Love Children


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Robert Kardashian Sr. had two other daughters.


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