Robert Duvall Denies Stroke Report: RadarOnline Claim “Totally False”

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Robert Duvall Stroke Howard Stern

By Andrew Shuster |


Robert Duvall called into “The Howard Stern Show” on Wednesday to personally debunk a false RadarOnline report claiming he suffered a stroke. Listen to audio from the actor’s interview below.

On Monday, the webloid published a bogus story alleging that the 85-year-old Oscar winner was “hiding a tragic health secret.” “It was pretty insidious and it’s totally false,” Duvall told Stern about the site’s rumor. “I’ve never had [a stroke].” Stern understood why Duvall was upset, and noted that spreading lies about an actor being in poor health could lose them work.

Stern then began reading excerpts from RadarOnline’s piece, which purportedly came from a “Hollywood insider.” “First of all, you’ve been in Florida for seven months,” Stern said, to which Duvall joked, “Who would the insider be? Must be a jerk.” The actor went on to point out that he had every right to take legal action against the site, explaining, “There’s a terrific lawyer I know who I could use to sue the s**t out of these people. ”

As far as his health goes, Duvall insisted that he’s doing “better than ever,” and has been spending much of his time “exercising and swimming.” He added, “I’ve lost weight, and I’m getting in clothes that guys could never get in at my age.” Listen to Duvall blast RadarOnline’s stroke report in the “Howard Stern Show” audio below.


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