Robert Downey Jr. Pardoned On Christmas Eve By Governor Jerry Brown For Past Drug Arrests

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Robert Downey Jr Pardoned

By Michael Lewittes |

Robert Downey Jr Pardoned

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Robert Downey Jr. has been pardoned by California Governor Jerry Brown for his past felony drug convictions. It’s a Christmas Eve traditon for the governor to grant pardons, and Downey, who has been a shining example of rehabilitation for more than a decade, was among those whose records have been wiped clean.

Downey began the process to be pardoned and have his rights restored, including being able to vote, a few months ago. After the District Attorney’s office recommended that he be given a “certificate of rehabilitation,” a judge signed off on it, and it was moved on to the governor’s office.

Governor Brown noted in his pardon that Downey has been leading an “honest and upright life” for more than a decade since his release from prison in 2002, and has contiued to exhibit “good moral character.”

Back in 1996, Downey was convicted of felony drug possession when he was arrested in L.A. with cocaine, heroin, and a gun. He was subsequently arrested numerous others times for drug possession and violating his probation until he missed a drug test in 1999 and was thrown behind bars for the first time.

Deep in the throes of addiction, Downey was arrested again in 2001, and then spent a year and three months in prison. After his release, he worked hard at his sobrietary and has been since helped others struggling with addiction. In Govenor Brown’s pardon, it’s also noted that Downey has since his prison release “conducted himself as a law-abiding citizen.” And for those reasons, the actor has now been granted a “full and unconditional pardon.”

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