Robert Downey Jr. Did NOT Say Las Vegas Shooting Was “Illuminati Blood Sacrifice”

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Robert Downey Jr Las Vegas Shooting

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Robert Downey Jr Las Vegas Shooting

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Robert Downey Jr. did not say the Las Vegas shooting was an “Illuminati blood sacrifice.” This is 100 percent fake news that was designed to exploit the tragedy. Gossip Cop can expose this shameful, false story.

According to a made-up report from Neon Nettle, Downey has “spoken out to reveal that the Las Vegas shooting was a ‘Satanic blood sacrifice to please occult interests’ of ‘the Illuminati.'” The site alleges he believes the “social and political elite is now living in fear of Donald Trump’s attempts to drain the swamp,” and so the “oligarchs have ‘accelerated their agenda, bringing their endgame closer'” to “turn America into a prison.” The outlet goes on to claim the actor also “blasted the mainstream media’s ‘official’ narrative surrounding the Las Vegas shooting, telling [Avengers] production staff that he has stayed at Mandalay Bay and there is ‘no way’ suspected gunman Stephen Paddock could have taken all those weapons up to his room undetected.”

Downey is falsely quoted as saying, “I’ve been to that hotel, they have special weapons detectors installed and there is no way they would have allowed weapons in unless they were cooperating with either a federal law enforcement team or, you know, a fake law enforcement team.” This statement is entirely fabricated, as is every other purported quote featured in the article. For example, the website asserts Downey also said, “You know there was a FEMA drill taking place in Las Vegas that day? There was a FEMA drill and then suddenly it went live. Took all the actors by surprise. Suddenly it’s real bullets.”

Downey, however, never said that, nor he ever say, “We are at a unique point in history where maybe something can be done about the power structure that has infiltrated the deep state. These treasonous psychopaths should be questioned intensively, and with the use of polygraphs and if necessary truth-serum.” He also didn’t suggest, as falsely claimed by this questionable outlet, that the shooting was a “government massacre.” These 100 percent wholly manufactured quotes are nowhere to be found except on Neon Nettle and similar fake news sites, including YourNewsWire.

It’s quite apparent that the two sites conspired to craft this illegitimate tale. And it’s not the first time they’ve spread inauthentic quotes falsely attributed to the movie star. In August, Gossip Cop exposed a Neon Nettle story that outrageously claimed Downey “blew the whistle” on a supposed “elite Hollywood pedophile ring.” That was fake news, too. It’s just especially disgusting to see the same deceptive clickbait practices being applied to a tragic mass shooting.

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