Robert Downey Jr.: I Want To “Wake Up Tomorrow As Chris Hemsworth” (VIDEO)

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Robert Downey Jr GMA Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Robert Downey Jr GMA Interview


Robert Downey Jr. joked on Friday’s “Good Morning America” that if he could be any other superhero aside from Iron Man, he’d want to “wake up tomorrow morning and be Chris Hemsworth,” who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Watch the video below!

Downey Jr., who co-stars in the new superhero sequel Captain America: Civil War, noted that his desire to transform into Hemworth has to do with his stature. The 5-foot-9 actor said, “To not have to stand on an apple box to kiss Gwyneth Paltrow would be great.” And as far as getting to make out with Paltrow in another Iron Man movie, the actor joked, “We got to really bring it to another level before this contract runs out.”

Speaking of contracts, Downey Jr. went on to admit he’ll probably retire from the Marvel franchise when his deal “runs out.” As of now, the last movie he’s signed up for is 2018’s Avengers 3, but with the recent news he’s also joining 2017’s Spider-Man reboot, there’s always the possibility of more films. Downey Jr. has also gone back-and-forth on whether or not an Iron Man 4 is in the cards, with the actor seemingly changing his answer every other interview.

“It’s like any athlete,” the actor added about knowing when to walk away. “When I come to really respect a player is when you realize you’re done. Like, please hang up your jersey before you do something stupid and embarrass yourself.” Watch Downey Jr.’s full “GMA” interview below!


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