WATCH: Robert Downey Jr. Has “Emotional Interview” With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

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Robert Downey Jr Emotional Interview

By James Crugnale |

Robert Downey Jr Emotional Interview


Robert Downey Jr. was challenged by Jimmy Fallon to undergo an “Emotional Interview” on Monday’s “Tonight Show,” during which the versatile actor needed to answer the talk show host’s questions, while expressing a range of emotions, including being “Annoyingly Philosophical” and exhibiting “Total Lack Of Confidence.” See video of the hilarious interview below.

The comedy bit began with Fallon saying to Downey, “You’re an amazing actor. I would say that you’re in touch with your emotions. Would you say that’s true?” The Avengers acknowledged that he’s an “emotional chameleon,” and with that he was given a variety of emotions to act out during the interview, including “Annoyingly Philosophical,” “Total Lack Of Confidence,” “Overly Calm,” and “Robert Smells Bacon.”

For the “Annoyingly Philosophical,” Fallon asked Downey when he knew he wanted to become an actor. “Well, knowing is something that is very particular to the soul,” the actor answered as annoyingly philosophical as he could, before adding, “To know is to understand the question is already answered in its asking.”

Next, Downey and Fallon had to talk while “Fishing For Compliments,” prompting the talk show host to casually mention how he has two Emmys and will “have a head of hair for the rest of my life.” Downey, for his part, talked about how he had his suit made, and wondered, “if the tailor did he job or not.”

On the other side of the emotional spectrum, the two men then had to express “Total Lack Of Confidence,” with Downey saying, “I don’t even know why you still have me on this show.” And Fallon blurted, “I have a tiny penis.” Towards the end of the bit, Downey and Fallon had to emote “Overly Calm,” which had the actor noting, “I feel like I could just fall asleep on this live show… So relaxed, I can’t even hear you.”

Check out the hilarious video below of Robert Downey Jr.’ s “Emotional Interview” with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show,” and tell us what you think.


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