Robert De Niro “The View” Video: Donald Trump Presidency “Doesn’t Look Good”

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The View Robert De Niro Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Robert De Niro Video


Robert De Niro said on Friday’s “The View” that Donald Trump’s presidency “doesn’t look good.” Check out the video below.

De Niro was on “The View” to promote his new movie The Comedian. The actor discussed the challenge of doing comedy, calling it “hard,” and spoke highly of his famous co-stars, like Leslie Mann. “We had a good time,” he said.

But after discussing the film, Joy Behar brought up the actor’s criticism of President Trump, including De Niro’s comment on wanting to punch Trump in the face. The star explained that he was reacting to the then-candidate himself saying that about someone else.

“How dare he say that? How dare he say the things he does?” De Niro exclaimed. “Of course I want to punch him in the face.” But, he added, “It was only a symbolic thing, anyway. It’s not like I was going to find him… but he’s got to hear it, how he makes people feel.”

Behar agreed that an appropriate response to “bullies” like Trump is “bully them back.” De Niro was also asked about recently getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama, and he shared, “I was honored to be honored. I went to the final party at the White House. Obama to me was a great president.”

“He tried to do what was right,” continued De Niro, adding, “When you have people going in there just to win — it’s not about winning. It’s about the people.” And with Trump, he said, “Now’s the time to see what he’s going to do, but it doesn’t look good.”

Whoopi Goldberg then reiterated her belief that Steve Bannon is really controlling the presidency, and went on to tell De Niro, “You’re really a great American.” Watch below.

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