Rob Schneider’s $175,000 Willie Mays Baseball Card Stolen During Home Robbery

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Rob Schneider Stolen Baseball Card

By Andrew Shuster |

Rob Schneider Stolen Baseball Card

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Rob Schneider’s rare, mint condition 1951 Willie Mays rookie card, valued at $175,000, was stolen during a burglary at his Encino, California house on Friday night. The comedian was at the “Just For Laughs” comedy festival in Montreal at the time of the robbery, and his wife was out for dinner in L.A., his rep confirms to Gossip Cop.

The former “Saturday Night Live” cast member is an avid collector of valuable old baseball cards. Although the thieves also stole a Cartier watch and his wife’s diamond engagement ring, the Willie Mays card was the most expensive item snatched. The perpetrators also made off with two other Willie Mays cards, one from 1953 and the other from 1971; however, they weren’t nearly as valuable as the rare rookie card. Luckily for Schneider, the thieves did not find his much larger collection of baseball cards.

The 1951 rookie card is apparently so rare, the burglars may have a very hard time selling it without the theft being traced back to Schneider’s break-in. Schneider has not mentioned the robbery on social media. We will update should their be a break in the case.


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