Rob Reiner Slams Kardashians: “They Have Absolutely No Talent”

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Rob Reiner Kardashians Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Rob Reiner Kardashians Interview

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Rob Reiner is slamming the Kardashians, arguing, “They have absolutely no talent.”

In a new interview published on Friday, the famed actor-writer-director is asked by The Hollywood Reporter, “What do you hate the most about Hollywood?” He responds, “We’re now living in the Kardashianization of America, where you don’t have to have any ability to become famous and successful. Not just in Hollywood, but the press and politics too. It used to be that you had to be able to do something to get attention — either sing, dance, act, something.”

Reiner goes on, “Kim Kardashian and these people, I’m sure they’re nice people, but they have absolutely no talent, no anything, and yet people love them and they just want to watch them and give them money. But people who want to make movies about the human experience, and real things in life, have to scrounge around for money, and it’s difficult.”

The star was also asked about the flip-side: “What do you love the most about Hollywood?” “You get to make up stuff for a living. You get to express yourself and they actually pay you to do it,” Reiner answers. It could be debated that the Kardashians are just expressing themselves, too. But many aren’t a fan. Check out the gallery below to see other stars who have dissed the infamous family.



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