Rob Kardashian “Caught Slapping His Ex In The Face” Is Fake News Story

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Rob Kardashian Slapping ex

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Rob Kardashian Slapping ex

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An article announcing Rob Kardashian was “caught slapping his ex in the face” is fake news. RadarOnline has chosen to misrepresent a prank from roughly eight years ago to capitalize on the current abuse allegations against the reality star.

As Gossip Cop reported, Blac Chyna has hired Lisa Bloom to represent her in a restraining order case against Kardashian. In a declaration, Chyna accused Kardashian of being “violent” with her, specifically citing an incident in which he allegedly hit and pushed her. She also wrote on a since-deleted Snapchat post that he “beat me up.”

Now RadarOnline is blaring, “DISTURBING VIDEO: Rob Kardashian CAUGHT Slapping His Ex In The Face! In a sub-headline, the webloid asks, “Does this prove Blac Chyna’s abuse allegations are true?” The post’s wording was designed to make readers think there is new evidence showing Kardashian assaulted a former girlfriend. It’s asserted that “acting out of control is nothing new” for him, as the site has “found footage of the troubled reality star with a short temper slapping his ex in the face!”

It’s only in the fifth paragraph that the disreputable outlet admits the video is actually a clip from an old episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” The online publication describes, “Rob is seen fighting with then-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon in front of Kris and the rest of his family. He berates the singer for ‘calling off the f***ing wedding in India.’ He then grabs her, and slaps her right across the face, as Kris [Jenner] looks on in horror.

In the eighth paragraph, the webloid reveals Kardashian and Bailon’s behavior was actually a prank, a trick they mutually agreed to play upon his family. While Gossip Cop understands the site asking readers, “Do you think it’s ok to joke about domestic violence or was Rob out of line?,” it purposefully sensationalized and misrepresented the situation to give the false impression that Kardashian has a history of abusing his girlfriends. To answer the outlet’s own initial question, no, this does not “prove Blac Chyna’s abuse allegations are true.” And to run a story with the headline, “DISTURBING VIDEO: Rob Kardashian CAUGHT Slapping His Ex In The Face,” is completely misleading.

The publication took a joke from years ago and turned it into a fake news story. Had RadarOnline been upfront from the start and presented the old “KUWTK” clip as something like, “Rob Kardashian Jokingly Hit Ex In Old ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Episode,” that would’ve been fair game. In light of Chyna’s allegations, it’s not that far-fetched to bring this up. But the webloid did it in such a way that the truth was greatly distorted for most of the article. Clickbait traffic is clearly more important to the site than journalism ethics.