Rob Kardashian is not dating Mehgan James, despite a tabloid lie that was picked up, spread, and embellished by a slew of equally wrong outlets. Kardashian himself says he doesn't even know James, who has appeared on a number of reality shows. On Thursday night, he tweeted that he has "never even met her or heard of her before."

It all started with In Touch, which blared on Wednesday, "Rob Kardashian Has a New Girlfriend and His Family Does Not Approve!" After claiming Kardashian has "finally moved on from his ex, Blac Chyna," the tabloid quotes a seemingly made-up or certainly ill-informed "insider" as saying the two have been dating "for almost three months, and most of the Kardashians are very upset about it because Mehgan is known for being out of control and volatile." The same supposed source adds, "The Kardashians want Rob to find a woman who is kind and calm."

The gossip magazine further alleges James, who has reportedly appeared on "Bad Girls Club," "Basketball Wives," and is set to be the next season of "Marriage Boot Camp," has met his sister Khloe "but the rest of the Kardashians are refusing to meet her." That actually won't be a problem because, as Gossip Cop noted, Kardashian is not dating James.

Curiously, People claimed, "A source confirms... the Arthur George designer is seeing reality star Mehgan James." That publication has its fake "insider" contend, "Mehgan's been supporting Rob and his business for some time now." The magazine followed up that bogus report with another story titled, "Rob Kardashian's Family 'Not Thrilled' at Chance of 'Another Destructive Relationship' with Mehgan James: Source." Not content to be wrong twice, the tabloid then published a third untrue article titled, "Mehgan James Is 'Not a Social Climber' in Rob Kardashian Relationship, Says Source: 'She Was Famous Before."'

Meanwhile, Us Weekly heralded in its misguided headline, "Rob Kardashian Is Dating Mehgan James — All the Details on His New Girlfriend." In its factually incorrect article, the tabloid maintains it also could "confirm" the romance, and adds how Kardashian and James are "trying to keep their relationship on the down-low and aren't ready to go public yet." Entertainment Tonight" also was lying or easily tricked because it swears it has a "source" telling them, "It's pretty new," but James is "a good role model in his life

E! published the headline, "Inside Rob Kardashian and Mehgan James' New Romance: Why His Famous Family 'Doesn't Approve,'" and falsely claims to not only "confirm the pair are in fact an item and started dating three months ago," but also that his famous family is no onboard with their relationship. Interestingly, E! also quotes a "source" as saying, "Mehgan supports Rob and all of his endeavors, and just wants to help him."

But none of those outlets truly fact-checked this fake news. And possibly some of them may have even manufactured or embellished details and quotations in an effort not to get scooped by their competitors. However, all their stories and headlines (below) are lies, says Kardashian. He tweeted, "Wait reading online about some chick I'm dating Megan something. Not true never even met her or heard of her before." If you want facts, stick with Gossip Cop. If you don't mind being duped by fiction, you've got a lot more choices.

Rob Kardashian Mehgan James

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Rob Kardashian Mehgan James

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Rob Kardashian Mehgan James

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Rob Kardashian Meghan James


Rob Kardashian Mehgan James

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Rob Kardashian Mehgan James

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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