Rob Kardashian Asked Lamar Odom To Move In With Him?

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Rob Kardashian Move In Lamar Odom

By Shari Weiss |

Rob Kardashian Move In Lamar Odom

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Did Rob Kardashian ask Lamar Odom to move in with him? That’s the claim coming from a webloid with a history of publishing inaccurate stories about both stars. Now Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight on this new report.

“Rob Kardashian Begging Lamar Odom To Move In With Him & Blac Chyna,” reads the headline of a HollywoodLife “exclusive” (cough). According to the accompanying story, “Rob thinks it would be for the best if Lamar got away from the bad elements in his life and moved in with him and Blac Chyna.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Lamar’s in trouble and could be hitting rock bottom yet again. And the one person who knows what it’s like to be there, and who doesn’t want Lamar to get there, is Rob.”

“Rob’s been talking to Lamar and has secretly seen him several times in the past weeks,” continues the supposed source. “Rob has begged Lamar to come and live with him and Chyna until he figures out his next move but Lamar refused, saying he doesn’t want to burden Rob and Chyna, especially since they have a child on the way.”

That’s a convenient, built-in excuse for HollywoodLies to explain why Odom hasn’t moved in. Still, the alleged tipster adds, “Rob told Lamar he isn’t a burden and insisted LO stay with him and Blac so that he can have a family support system. Lam still didn’t take him up on the offer but told Rob he may reconsider. Rob’s hoping he reconsider sooner than later.”

Catch that use of “LO” and “Lam”? That’s one of the site’s tricks. When it wants readers to believe it has inside information, it quotes one of its “insiders” using a celebrity nickname, so the source sounds “in the know.” It’s a transparent tactic, as are many others the webloid relies on to dupe people.

And in case the logic here isn’t clear, HollywoodLife is saying that Kardashian wants an alleged DRUG ADDICT to move into the home he shares with his pregnant fiancée and his fiancée’s YOUNG SON. Makes a lot of sense, right? And it’s all coming from the same outlet that thought Odom was back together with Khloe Kardashian last year, and said in January that her brother was in talks to be the new Subway spokesperson.

With all these red flags, Gossip Cop investigated this “move in” claim, and unsurprisingly learned it’s untrue. In fact, when asked about the allegation, a Kardashian family rep actually laughed it off. Here at Gossip Cop, we laugh at HollywoodLife every day.

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Rob Kardashian has asked Lamar Odom to move in with him.

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