Rob Kardashian HAS Visited Kim Kardashian And Saint West “Multiple Times,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Rob Kardashian Met Saint

By Shari Weiss |

Rob Kardashian Met Saint

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Rob Kardashian has visited Kim Kardashian and Saint West “multiple times,” despite a report claiming he has not yet met his new nephew. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story.

On Friday, RadarOnline announced that Kim was “snubbed” by her brother and their so-called “feud” is “back on and bigger than ever.” According to a so-called “source” for the webloid, “Rob has still not yet visited his new nephew, Kim’s son Saint. And it is really starting to piss her off.”

“Rob is the only one in the family that has not reached out to Kim to congratulate her on the new baby,” alleges the supposed “source.” The site adds “there is still hope for a reconciliation,” with its tipster noting, “Of course, he will want to see his baby nephew sooner or later.”

But once again, RadarOnline has no idea what it is talking about. The allegations that Rob has neither “reached out to Kim to congratulate her” and has “still not yet visited his new nephew” are both 100 percent false. A rep for Kim exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “Rob has met Saint and has visited Kim on multiple occasions since his birth.”

Earlier, Gossip Cop also debunked a different RadarOnline story about Kim and husband Kanye West supposedly fighting over how to debut Saint’s first photo. It’s really such a shame that the site is so bent on trying to ruin what is a joyous time. And, for the record, we’re told Kim and her baby boy are doing “very well.”

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Rob Kardashian has visited Kim Kardashian and Saint West multiple times.


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