Rob Kardashian Rushed To Hospital, Diagnosed With Diabetes

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Rob Kardashian Diabetes Hospital

By Michael Lewittes |

Rob Kardashian Diabetes Hospital

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Rob Kardashian found out he has diabetes after being rushed to an L.A. hospital. As Gossip Cop reported in 2014, Kardashian had been warned that he could develop diabetes.

Kardashian, who’s battled issues with his weight the past few years (and rarely goes out in public), was ill this past weekend. Because he progressively got worse, instead of better, his family rushed to a local hospital, where he currently remains and is being monitored. While TMZ reports that being diabetic was “news” to Kardashian, it was not completely a shock or out of the blue.

As Gossip Cop noted above, in a March 2014 episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the youngest Kardashian was told by doctors that his liver was failing. At the time, he was warned that he was on the path to diabetes and organ failure. That’s when his mom Kris Jenner enlisted the help of a trainer and nutritionist to help him get into shape. Kardashian even vowed “to stick” to a strict regiment of diet and exercise, telling his family, “I need to literally dedicate my entire life to turning this around.”

While his intentions to stay healthy were there, unfortunately Kardashian was unable to fully follow through, and as a result he’s now in the hospital. Gossip Cop hears that while Kardashian is in the dumps about the diagnosis, he’s resolved this time around to lead a more healthy lifestyle.


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