Rob Kardashian Allowed To Post Photos Of Daughter Dream, Despite Blac Chyna Restraining Order

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Rob Kardashian Photos Dream

By Shari Weiss |

Rob Kardashian Photos Dream

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Rob Kardashian is allowed to post photos of daughter Dream on social media, despite Blac Chyna’s restraining order, Gossip Cop has learned. We can clear up any confusion.

As Gossip Cop reported, earlier this month Kardashian was ordered to stay away from Chyna after she was granted a temporary restraining order. The model went to court after her former fiancé posted explicit and sensitive photos of her online during a rant about her allegedly cheating on him. The judgment mandated Kardashian not come within a certain amount of feet of Chyna, and prohibits him from harassing her and posting any additional pictures online. But a number of outlets, including People, also claimed Kardashian was barred from posting photos of their 8-month-old daughter.

Gossip Cop, however, has now learned that is not true. “Posting pictures of Dream is not a violation of the restraining order,” Lisa Bloom, an attorney for Chyna (real name: Angela White), tells us, noting, “Mr. Kardashian was ordered to stay away from Ms. White, not to contact her, not to share intimate photos or medical information about her, and not to cyberbully her.”

Our investigation was sparked after Kardashian took to Twitter on Friday night to share a picture of the little girl. In the photo (see screengrab below), the infant is sitting in a ball pit. The reality star did not provide any caption, but it was his first post of a personal nature on the social media site in weeks. Kardashian remains banned from Instagram, which suspended his account after he repeatedly posted the naked photos of Chyna in early July.

While Kardashian and Chyna are committed to sharing custody of Dream, their legal dispute is far from over. Bloom tells Gossip Cop, “We are looking forward to the next hearing to secure permanent orders against Mr. Kardashian to ensure his long term compliance.” Last week, Gossip Cop busted MediaTakeOut for falsely claiming Kardashian and Chyna’s drama was staged to sell a new reality show. On the contrary, it’s quite apparent this is a very real, serious issue between them.

Rob Kardashian Dream Photo

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