‘Rob & Chyna’ Recap: Rob Kardashian Meets Blac Chyna’s Parents

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Rob Chyna Recap Episode 3

By Andrew Shuster |

Rob Chyna Recap Episode 3


Rob Kardashian met Blac Chyna’s parents for the first time during a trip to her hometown of Washington D.C. on Sunday’s “Rob & Chyna.” Get the full episode recap below!

As the episode began, Chyna got a call from her mom, Tokyo Toni, and the two made plans for her to finally meet Rob when the two traveled to D.C. Later that night, Chyna told Rob his sisters had invited them to Khloe’s birthday party, but he admitted he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go because he “wasn’t ready for the attention.” Chyna told him, “Khloe would love for you to be there,” and although he was still hesitant about the idea, he agreed he’d go if it was important to her. Chyna then brought up the plans she made with her mom to meet in D.C., but Rob was even more uncertain about that prospect.

When Rob and Chyna arrived at Khloe’s birthday party, he immediately became very uncomfortable with all the attention being given to him and his fiancee. He noted in a confessional, “Everyone’s swarming Chyna and I. It’s all love, but it’s just exactly what I did now want. I just feel a lot of eyes are on me and I wish everything could be normal and we just focus on Khloe.” But after around an hour, Rob decided he had enough of the party and asked Chyna if they could leave. She was having fun, but agreed to go home with Rob and was still happy about the slow progress he was making to get back out into the world.

The next day, Chyna told Scott Disick she invited Rob to Washington D.C. to meet her parents, but he wasn’t excited about going. Scott implored him to go, and Chyna explained how important him coming was in a confessional, adding, “This could be a make or break in our relationship.” Rob finally agreed to go, saying in a confessional, “This is out of my comfort zone, but my relationship with Chyna means everything, so I’m obviously willing to do this.”

When the two landed in D.C., Chyna was excited to show Rob where she grew up. The two took a tour of her hometown, including her old high school and the house she grew up in. That night, the two headed out to dinner to meet her parents, who hadn’t seen each other in 10 years. Chyna’s dad, Eric, also brought along three out of Chyna’s eleven half-siblings. Chyna’s mom gave Rob a kiss on the cheek as she sat down at the table, but dinner got off to a tense start as Tokyo came face to face with Chyna’s father for the first time in a decade. It was also her first time meeting her daughter’s three half-siblings, Britney, Camille and Eric, all of whom are close in age.

Tokyo was shocked to discover exactly how close in age her daughter and half-siblings are, and became more confused when Chyna said, “Me and Britney, we’re the same age.” After Tokyo held up her hand and responded, “Hold on, what?!” Chyna explained she and her half-sisters, Britney and Camille, were “four months apart,” to which Britney added, “We’re like, triplets. A special kind, though.” Tokyo then turned to her ex and said, “So it’s true, huh? You’re a rolling stone, papa.” However, Eric assured her, “That was somebody in an old life.”

After Tokyo rolled her eyes, Eric accused her of having an “attitude problem,” which caused her to get up and storm from the table. But Chyna ran after her mother and was able to calm her down and bring her back to the table. Rob joked in a confessional he was happy about the drama between Chyna’s parents, because it meant “the spotlight” wasn’t on him. But as dinner progressed, the family began reminiscing about Chyna when she was a kid, telling funny stories, and everyone started getting along.

Later that night, Chyna brought Rob and her parents to the strip club where she once worked as a dancer. She noted in a confessional, “I’m proud of where I came from and I just wanted to show Rob what I had to go to through and the environment I had to be in to make me this person.” As they pulled up to the club, Rob joked, “If I find my daughter in here… oh boy.” Chyna further admitted on-camera that the club is “totally ratchet and it might get crazy at times, so I’m not sure how he’s going to react.” But Rob noted he admired Chyna for being proud of where she came from, while she was happy he stepped out of his comfort zone and spent time with her family.


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