‘Rob & Chyna’ Recap: Rob Kardashian Blocks Blac Chyna’s Phone Number

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Rob Chyna Recap Episode 5

By Andrew Shuster |

Rob Chyna Recap Episode 5


Rob Kardashian blocked Blac Chyna’s cell phone number after the couple got into a big fight on Sunday’s “Rob & Chyna.” Get the full episode recap below!

As the episode began, Rob admitted in a confessional his health is one of his “main concerns” and so he had made an appointment with a doctor for a checkup. Rob later told Chyna that a doctor confirmed he was “completely free of diabetes,” adding, “That’s the best news I’ve heard all year.” But his fiance then joked, “What about us having a baby?” to which he clarified, “The baby is obviously the best news. That’s of my life.” He then went on to say he felt the two were “in a really good place,” but needed to get on the same page about moving into a new house, adding, “I’m just not comfortable here.” He further said in a confessional, “Chyna and I, we need a new start, and getting a new house together would be a fresh start where we’re both on equal terms.” But his fiance disagreed, telling him, “I really like this house though… We can design it a different way and just stay here.” But Rob insisted he was still going to look for a new house, despite her reservations.

Later, Rob told his sister Kourtney Kardashian about his plan to start a street wear clothing company with a friend. The two then met up with his friend Nick at a warehouse to go through clothing and look at various designs. Kourtney helped her brother come up with designs, and promised the Kardashian sisters would “represent” his clothing line.

When Rob later informed Chyna he was embarking on a new business venture, she became frustrated with him. She noted in a confessional, “Rob needs to continue working on his health, his fitness, his sock business and for him to try and go get a big brand new house and start a new business is a bit bizarre to me.” She told him he should wait on the new business, but Rob said he was “trying to be more proactive.”

While sitting in the passenger seat of the car, Chyna almost dropped a fast food bag holding Rob’s french fries because she was texting on her phone. “You gotta choose one: the food or your phone,” he told her. “What’s more important?” Chyna became annoyed with Rob’s sarcastic comment, shooting back, “You gotta relax. And this is your stuff, you should’ve been holding it.” An angry Chyna added in a confessional, “I’m not your mother! You better hold your own food or put it in your lap if you’re gonna get mad at me over some french fries.” As Chyna continued raising her voice in the car, Rob told her, “You have serious anger issues. Why are you yelling? You psycho. What’s wrong with you?” “Because it’s aggravating!” she shot back. Chyna added in a confessional, “Rob likes to pick on me… And I’m just sick and tired of him playing with me.”

The couple continued bickering and the argument escalated to the point of Rob telling his fiancee, “You treat people like sh*t,” adding, “You’re rude and you’re inconsiderate.” Chyna screamed back, “Get out of my face! Everybody knows you’re a psychopath and you have a chemical imbalance. And you’re lazy as f*ck.” The back-and-forth name-calling continued, with Rob finally saying in a confessional, “It’s pretty clear that Chyna doesn’t support me.”

Chyna later called her mom, Tokyo Toni, and informed her she was fighting with Rob and he had even blocked her number on his phone. Tokyo told her Rob was struggling emotionally and couldn’t love her “until he can love himself.” The only advice she had to give was to just “have your baby” and “be happy.” Chyna also later met up with Kim Kardashian, who informed her Rob had blocked everyone in their family and no one could get in touch with him. Kim told her she agrees that Rob has his issues, but she “hopes he gets it together for the baby.”

Rob later visited his mom, Kris Jenner, and explained why he blocked Chyna as well as everyone else in the family. She was upset with him for going off the grid and told him he needs to be more responsible now that he’s going to be a father. But Rob stood by his decision to check out, and admitted, “Everyone has their own demons mom.”


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