‘Rob & Chyna’ Recap: Blac Chyna Reunites Rob Kardashian With Old Friends

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Rob Chyna Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Rob Chyna Recap


Blac Chyna helped Rob Kardashian reunite with old friends he hadn’t seen in years on Sunday’s “Rob & Chyna.” Get the full episode recap below!

As the episode began, Rob and Chyna were still in Washington D.C. visiting Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, who had an emotional conversation with the two of them. After tearing up and insisting that Rob treat her daughter right, she asked her future son-in-law, “Are you cheating?” Rob insisted he was being faithful, but Tokyo asked to see his cell phone. Rob complied, but when she thought she came across a scandalous image, Rob noted, “That’s my sister.”

Back in Los Angeles, Chyna and Rob discussed their relationship and admitted they moved too fast, with Rob noting, “We probably should’ve got to know each other a little better.” But he insisted he was “very committed” to their relationship and wanted to build it even stronger. Later, Scott Disick asked Rob about where he stands with Chyna’s ex, Tyga, and Rob acknowledged, “He’s not gonna go out of his way to say hi to me.” Scott didn’t understand why there was still animosity, so Rob posed the question, “If Kourtney [Kardashian] had a kid with somebody else, would you be mad?” “I’d be in jail,” Scott replied, and Rob explained it was the “same thing” with Tyga, to which he responded, “This is one f***ed up family.”

Scott then asked Rob why he hadn’t been in touch with his best friends in a long time, telling him, “All they want to do is spend time with you. I guarantee you with all those guys around you supporting you, you’ll feel way better.” Rob, however, was hesitant to reach out to his pals after going so long without communicating. Later, Scott and Chyna discussed finding a way to reunite Rob and his friends so they can start spending time together again. “I feel like he’s got all of these friends that he grew up with that you don’t even know,” Scott told her. “They keep calling me, like, ‘Why have I not met Rob’s future wife?’” Chyna then admitted in a confessional that she doesn’t know any of Rob’s friends, but is eager to meet them. The two then decided they would plan a barbecue for everyone.

Rob later surprised Chyna with dinner “under the stars,” setting up a romantic date in their backyard. “Aw Robert!” Chyna said when she saw he had cooked for her, and added in a confessional, “I can’t even believe that Rob took the initiative and had this romantic date for me. It shows me that he really is listening and I feel like that’s a big step forward.” Rob told his fiancee, “I wanted to do something with just you and me enjoying each other.”

The next day, Chyna set up her own picnic date for Rob to show him that she’s “committed” to their relationship. During the date, she asked, “Do you see us getting married next year?” When he replied “Yeah,” she followed up by asking, “And are we gonna work towards doing the right thing towards each other so that we can make that happen?” He answered, “Trying to marry this chick so I can do that. I gotta care about a lot more than just myself.”

Rob later stopped by sister Kim Kardashian’s house to learn some parenting skills and go through “baby boot camp.” Kim first explained how to change a diaper, and then using a baby doll as a prop, she taught her brother how to properly swaddle a child in a blanket. As he finished wrapping up the baby, Kim exclaimed, “You did it!” and Rob added in a confessional, “I’m gonna need plenty of more swaddling lessons, but I’m definitely happy with the progress I’m making.”

Scott and Kourtney Kardashian stopped by Rob and Chyna’s house for the reunion barbecue, which Rob was very anxious about. A handful of Rob’s old friends soon showed up, but he at first felt a bit awkward around them. Rob’s best friend JJ noted that Rob hadn’t responded to his text messages in a year and a half despite him reaching out once a week. Rob’s other friend, Riley, added that Rob has ignored all of his texts as well. Rob admitted in a confessional he missed JJ’s wedding, adding, “JJ has plenty of reasons to be mad at me… so I just need to get over that little uncomfortable feeling and maintain that relationship with these guys.”

But soon, Rob started enjoying himself while catching up and reconnecting with all of the guys, and promised he’d start responding to everybody’s text messages. He further acknowledged in a confessional it was “good to see all of them,” adding, “I have definitely made a bunch of mistakes over the last few years, but I’ve known all of them since the fourth grade so I just need to really be proactive and work on having a really positive relationship.” And as the episode ended, Chyna let Rob know how proud she was of him for reuniting with his old friends.

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