‘Rob & Chyna’ Premiere Recap: Blac Chyna Kicks Out Rob Kardashian After Fight

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Rob Chyna Premiere Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Rob Chyna Premiere Recap


Blac Chyna kicked Rob Kardashian out of their house after the two got into a heated fight on the series premiere of “Rob & Chyna.” Get the full recap below!

As the episode opened, Rob and Chyna explained in an on-camera confessional they first met at Kendall Jenner’s birthday party and immediately hit it off. The engaged couple also admitted they’d been trying to have a baby for a while prior to Chyna getting pregnant, but wanted to keep it a secret. Later, the two went for a hike together, and Rob noted Chyna was the first person to get him to leave the house and break him free of depression.

Back at their house, Rob and Chyna hung out with her and Tyga’s three-year-old son King. In a confessional, Chyna noted that she used to be close with all of the Kardashian sisters, but distanced herself from them when Tyga began dating Kylie. However, she’s trying to once again be a friend of the family now that she’s engaged to Rob and pregnant with his baby. “It’s been a long process trying to get along with the Kardashians,” added the model.

Rob Later hung out with Scott Disick, who asked if he was having a boy or girl. Rob didn’t know the answer, but admitted he’d prefer to have a son, explaining, “You gotta carry on your name.” Scott then sarcastically shot back, “Because the [Kardashian] name is gonna die down anytime soon?” He further joked, “Better get a boy. God forbid, no one’s gonna remember who Kim Kardashian was.” But Rob also noted in a confessional, “I’m definitely hoping for a boy because I want to have the same relationship that I had with my father, with my son. That’s what I’m praying for.”

Rob and Chyna later went to the doctor’s office to find out the gender of their baby, which they planned to keep a secret from everyone else. But when Rob and Chyna were told she was expecting a girl, he couldn’t help but look a bit disappointed. “It’s a girl!” Chyna yelled, and Rob did later acknowledge in a confessional, “I’m just happy the baby is healthy.” Rob’s mom, Kris, soon visited the couple at their house to congratulate them, but Chyna was surprised she heard the news already. “Rob and I agreed we were gonna wait and do this cool surprise to reveal the gender,” Chyna said in a confessional, “and he already told his mom?” Chyna later confronted Rob for divulging their baby’s gender to Kris, but he simply responded, “That’s my mom.”

Later that night, Rob picked up Chyna’s phone when it received a text, but he got suspicious after learning she changed her password to keep him out. “Who’s this hitting your phone over and over?” he asked from bed, to which she angrily asked back, “Why are you even in my phone? You don’t trust me? That’s real whack.” Rob explained, “It’s not that. I just don’t get why you even care if I go through your phone.” But she shot back, “Why do you care going through my phone? There’s nothing in there… What do you think I’m doing?!” Both raised their voices as the argument got progressively heated, before Chyna finally got up and walked out of their bedroom. She said in a confessional, “I don’t understand why Rob would think I’m doing anything wrong. I’m four months pregnant. I have two businesses that I’m running… And I literally don’t leave the house.”

While talking to a friend the next day, Chyna admitted she was becoming suspicious of Rob’s after discovering he’s the one texting other girls. Rob happened to call her at that very moment, and she went off on him over the phone. “What are you still texting other females about?” she asked, before screaming at the top of her lungs, “Who the f**k are you texting and why the f**k are you still texting bitches?!” She added, “Stop playing with me because you’re a f**king liar!” Rob later brought Chyna flowers in an effort to apologize, but she then took the flowers and threw them in their pool. “Can you please leave?” she asked her fiance, and when he refused, she screamed, “Get the f**k out!” Rob told her she was overreacting, but left the house to give her time to cool off.

While driving around town, Rob revealed to Scott, “Chyna and I got into a fight, so she kicked me out. I’m just gonna give her space.” He added in a confessional, “This cycle of me being kicked out of the house has happened several times. Usually I go right back, but I’m sick of it, so I’m gonna stay at my house in Calabasas for a bit.” Rob further told Scott he was considering not selling his old house because he might need to use it every time they got into an argument. “It’s not a good feeling when you get kicked out,” he told Scott, who joked back, “Yeah, you’re telling me my own life. It happens!” Scott further pointed out, “She’s hormonal. She’s pregnant. If you weren’t to get kicked out, it would be weird.”

After Chyna’s friends convinced her she overreacted and needs to make up with Rob, she went to his house to try and reconcile, but Rob wasn’t home and wasn’t answering his phone either. She then went to Kris’s house to try and find him, but he wasn’t there either. Kris then admitted she heard Chyna had kicked him out, and the two had a long talk about Rob and how to fix their relationship. Later, Rob and Kris had a separate private conversation during which they spoke about how he should make things right with Chyna. As the episode ended, Rob admitted he wanted to work out his and Chyna’s issues, but still needed some alone time before moving back in with her.

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