‘Rob & Chyna’ Finale Recap: Blac Chyna Gets Paternity Test

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Rob Chyna Finale Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Rob Chyna Finale Recap


Blac Chyna got a paternity test for her and Rob Kardashian’s unborn baby on Sunday’s season finale of “Rob & Chyna.” Get the full episode recap below!

As the episode began, Rob spoke to mom Kris Jenner about his relationship with Chyna, admitting he and his fiancee hadn’t been speaking. Meanwhile, Chyna spoke to her friend Paige about the situation, explaining that Rob hadn’t talked to her since their big fight in the car. The model later met with Rob’s sister, Kim, who offered to act as a mediator between the two and help get a communication going. Kim managed to get the couple to sit down together for the first time in a week, and they all agreed Rob and Chyna have a lot of issues to work out before the baby is born.

Later, Rob met up with Scott Disick, who gave him a lecture about disappearing without telling anyone in the family where he was. Scott asked what goes through his head when he turns off his phone and blocks everyone in the family, telling him, “You can’t do that.” He then suggested Rob see a therapist, adding, “You got to face the music sometimes… People love and care about you,” and Rob agreed he’d consider it.

While hiking with friends, Chyna made the shocking revelation, “This might sound f***ed up, but a part of me wants to take a paternity test.” Her friends were taken aback by the comment, but she clarified, “I know it’s Rob’s child. I’ve only been with Rob since we started dating. It’s just to shut down the rumors on the internet saying it might be two other people.” She added in a confessional, “I know it sounds ridiculous, but I really want to shut down all these rumors,” referring to inaccurate media reports claiming Rob might not be the father. Chyna later ran the idea of a paternity test by Kim, who agreed it was a good way to shut down the false gossip.

Rob later sat down with Chyna to let her know he’s willing to seek professional help in an effort to better their relationship. “I think seeing somebody to talk to or whatever, it’s not gonna hurt to just try it out,” admitted Rob. “I personally don’t really agree with the whole thing, but I’m more than willing to try it out if it’s gonna benefit you and I.” Chyna was happy to hear the news and said she understood Rob is uncomfortable opening up to a stranger, but thinks therapy could “save our relationship.”

Chyna and Kim later tried to distract Rob and steal one of his hairs off his bed so they could use it as DNA for the paternity test. Chyna didn’t want to tell Rob about the test because she didn’t want him to be suspicious, but when he caught them in his room, they had to reveal their secret. But Rob wasn’t mad, and told his fiancee, ” Whatever you want to do I’m always down. You just have to ask.” She admitted she thought he’d think it was weird, but Rob told her, “It’s not weird to me.”

A doctor came over to administer the test by taking a blood sample from Chyna and saliva sample from Rob that would then be sent out to a lab. Rob next met with his therapist for the first time and opened up him and Chyna “always being at each other’s throats,” even though they love each other. The doctor explained the two needed to get to a place where they accepted each other for who they are, and also need to improve their communication with one another. Rob later spoke with Chyna about what had been discussed in therapy, and the two agreed to start being more honest with each other.

Rob also opened up to his mom about having distanced himself from his family for many years, and told her he wanted to get everyone together. “Family is important,” he told her. “I was just thinking we should definitely get a little family dinner here because I feel like I haven’t attended one of those in years.” He added, “I think it’s important that we all get together.” Kris loved the idea, and assured her son, “I’ll have this organized in about 30 minutes.” The entire family, including all of the Kardashian sisters, later came over for a big dinner, and Rob told everyone he wanted to start spending time with them more often.

Later, Rob and Chyna got the results of the paternity test back in the mail. Rob admitted in a confessional he was nervous, but would “never in a million years think the baby is someone else’s.” However, he was still eager to be 100 percent certain. Chyna took a beat before reading the results, and when Rob shouted, “What is it?!” she exclaimed, “Robert Kardashian, you are the father!”


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