Rita Ora “Good Morning America” Video: Watch “Your Song” Performance!

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Rita Ora GMA Your Song Video

By Holly Nicol |

Rita Ora GMA Your Song Video


Rita Ora performed “Your Song” on Monday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch the full “GMA” performance below!

“Your Song,” Ora’s latest single, was released in July, and will feature on her upcoming and long awaited second album. Before the British singer took to the “GMA” stage, she told Robin Roberts how she teamed up with Ed Sheeran to create the record. “It was so much fun,” Ora said. “It was like working with your friend, so we didn’t think too much about it. It took two hours, we went to the studio, we just kind of vibed out, and then we went to the pub, so it was pretty fun. Literally, it was that simple.”

The star went on to talk about hosting a new reality show, “Boy Band,” which premiered on ABC in June. “It’s so much fun,” Ora said of the singing competition, which has aspiring and talented male singers competing to join a boy band and score a deal with Hollywood Records. “I do this show called ‘Boy Band,’ and if anyone doesn’t know, we’re trying to find the next amazing boy band, which is fun.”

She continued, “We’ve got Timbaland on there, we’ve got Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys, and Baby Spice [Emma Bunton], who is my fave. Basically, what we do is, we have fun, and these boys just get into it and it’s amazing to see because they’re as young as 14. It’s crazy.” The star is making the rounds this week on a number of morning shows to perform her latest track, “Your Song,” and is taking to the stage at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards as the opening act this weekend. She tweeted on Sunday, “Busy week starts tomorrow!! SO excited #YOURSONG.” Watch Ora’s full “GMA” performance below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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