A new report alleges Rihanna has "unfinished business" with Drake and was "hoping to have a romantic run-in" with the rapper in London, but the story is nothing more than a made-up claim. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth behind this piece of fake news.

As it was widely reported, Rihanna and Drake were both spotted in London at the end of August, partying in separate venues. Not surprisingly, HollywoodLife took this piece of real news and twisted it into fake news, purporting in yet another manufactured tale that the possibility of running into her ex is still giving Rihanna "butterflies." In the bogus piece, a so-called "source" tells the unreliable outlet, "Rihanna feels like she left things up in the air with Drake and she can't get over their explosive chemistry."

The website's dubious insider continues, "Even though they have both pretty much moved on from whatever they had together, Rihanna still gets excited when she thinks about Drake." What's more, an alleged Rihanna "insider" further contends that the singer "really likes Hassan," her rumored Saudi billionaire boyfriend, "but she can't get Drake completely out of her system."

Before we delve deeper into how the entire report is mere fiction, HollywoodLife's previous falsehoods should be taken into consideration, as the outlet is regularly caught spreading rumors about the star. In July, we busted the site when it posted a phony story about Rihanna being "happier" with Jameel than she was with Drake. And just weeks later, we corrected the webloid for asserting Rihanna's relationship with Jameel could get serious, and were even talking "marriage and babies." But now, the bad blog claims the singer can't get Drake out of her head? It simply doesn't add up.

Regardless of its terrible track record, Gossip Cop still looked into the claim, and a real source close to the singer tells us the report is 100 percent "made-up." For the umpteenth time, we're further assured no one from Rihanna's trusted inner circle is divulging such information about the star to the untrustworthy outlet. Put bluntly, the site is clueless about Rihanna and Drake.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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