5 Most Underrated Rihanna Songs In Honor Of Singer’s 28th Birthday (VIDEOS)

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Rihanna Underrated Songs

By Shari Weiss |

Rihanna Underrated Songs


Rihanna has amassed 13 number one Hot 100 songs over the course of her career, and many more with the genre charts taken into consideration. Now in honor of the singer’s 28th birthday, Gossip Cop is taking a look back at the singles we think are the most underrated ones of the bunch.

1. Take A Bow
In 2008, “Take A Bow” was the first single from the re-release of Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna’s third studio album. The powerful track tells the story of a woman breaking up with her boyfriend after catching him cheating. The accompany video had Rihanna playing the part of the cheated-on girl, who ends up setting her unfaithful beau’s clothes on fire. Admittedly, the song title “Take A Bow” is most associated with Madonna’s classic 1994 ballad. But even though Rihanna’s song went all the way to number one, it’s rarely one people list when asked about her top songs.

2. California King Bed
“California King Bed” came out in 2011 as the sixth (sixth!) single from Rihanna’s fifth album, Loud. But the song struggled on the Hot 100 chart, peaking at 37. It did go to number one on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart, but this is hardly a banger. The song is actually a ballad, complete with piano keys and acoustic guitars, and is full of heartbreaking yearning as Rihanna sings about the growing distance in a relationship. And yes, there’s a big bed in the video.

3. What Now
Not to be confused with the David Guetta collaboration “Right Now,” “What Now” came out in 2013 as a single from Unapologetic, Rihanna’s seventh album. Like “California King Bed,” it struggled on the Hot 100, but went to number one for Hot Dance Club Songs. That’s surprising considering this is one of Rihanna’s darkest singles. On the track, Rihanna sings about having a mental breakdown, something that’s depicted in the music video. It starts quietly, as the star builds to the shattering chorus, belting, “What now?/I just can’t figure it out.” But that’s nothing compared to the frenetic bridge.

4. Take Care
It’s hard to argue that anything featuring Rihanna and Drake is under the radar, but it seems to be “What’s My Name” that gets all the attention. That’s a shame, because “Take Care” sparks some serious feelings. Released by Drake in 2012 as a single featuring Rihanna, the ode about being there for one another samples the Jamie xx remix of Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’ll Take Care of You.” Drake handles the verses with Rihanna on the refrain, and by gosh, it sure sounds like they’re talking about their own real-life off-and-on relationship (and the dynamic with Chris Brown). And yet it only went to number one on the Rhythmic chart, stopping at number seven on the Hot 100. (The less said about “Work” right now, the better.)

5. Towards The Sun
“Towards The Sun” came out just last year, but is long forgotten by most people. The inspirational song was released as the lead single for the animated movie Home, and never received a real music video. It didn’t even chart at all in the U.S. That means it probably won’t even be a blip on Rihanna’s upcoming “Anti World Tour,” which is disappointing, because it’s perfect for a feel-good stadium sing-along. It’s arguable the song might’ve been overshadowed by co-star Jennifer Lopez’s anthem “Feel The Light,” which got a full-fledged video and TV performance, though that wasn’t song particularly successful either. Rihanna did at least get a People’s Choice nomination out of the voice gig.


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