Rihanna “Tempting Hassan Jameel” With “Endless Legs” Is Fake News

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Rihanna Tempting Hassan Jameel

By Shari Weiss |

Rihanna Tempting Hassan Jameel

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An article speculating Rihanna is “tempting Hassan Jameel” by “showing off” her “endless legs” is an example of ridiculous fake news. Gossip Cop can expose this absurdity.

“Rihanna Shows Off Endless Legs In Sizzling Sheer Dress — Tempting Hassan Jameel?” asks HollywoodLife. The accompanying article similarly begins, “Rihanna stunned in a blush pink dress on the streets of Los Angeles! Was she flaunting her incredible legs just for her beau Hassan Jameel?” Using a single paparazzi photo as the catalyst for this silly post, the webloid merely describes the singer’s appearance before asking again, “Was she showing off for the new love in her life Hassan Jameel?”

To be clear: HollywoodLies thinks Rihanna is “showing off” for Jameel when she stepped out without him in Los Angeles simply because they hooked up in Spain last month. That’s the site’s logic. But what does one event have to do with the other occurrence? Absolutely nothing. Rihanna didn’t wear a dress that exposes her “incredible legs” during a night out in L.A. in hopes that Jameel would just happen to see the resulting paparazzi pictures. She wore it simply because that’s what she wanted to wear, for goodness’ sake.

There’s nothing newsworthy about the pictures in question, except perhaps for fashion blogs that track celebrity outfits. But HollywoodLies turned the snapshot into fake news by connecting them to Jameel when no such connection legitimately exists. And yet the outlet wasn’t the only dubious publication to try the same trick.

As Gossip Cop pointed out, MediaTakeOut used the photos of Rihanna to claim she “might be pregnant” with Jameel’s baby. Of course, nothing about the pictures supported that assertion and, as we noted, MediaFakeOut has falsely impregnated her for the last 10 years. What makes HollywoodLies’ clickbait all the more ludicrous is the post comes after the webloid was caught two weeks ago making up fake news about Rihanna and Jameel. One would think that if the site actually had insight on the star, it would’ve known her outing and her outfit had nothing to do with him whatsoever.

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