Rihanna Having “8 Other Men Dying To Treat Her Like Princess” After Jamal Hassan Is Fake News

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Rihanna suitors Jameel Hassan

By Michael Lewittes |

 Rihanna suitors Jameel Hassan

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A claim about Rihanna having “8 other men dying to treat her like a princess” after she and Jamal Hassan have appeared to fizzle is fake news. It was made up by a site that has been repeatedly shown to manufacture phony articles about the singer. Gossip Cop is told the story about the supposed suitors is “just stupid.”

The often debunked HollywoodLife alleges that if “Jameel doesn’t step up,” Rihanna has “at least 8 hunky guys [that] are dying to wine and dine” the singer. Who are those eight men? The site doesn’t say. In fact, the not well-respected blog can’t even come up with any names of purported suitors.

Interestingly, HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, writes that it looks as if Rihanna and Jameel’s “romance has cooled down.” The webloid then quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “She likes him for sure, but she ain’t falling head over heels yet or anything.” The blog ends its latest piece of fan fiction by stating, “Even if their infatuation fizzled, it looks like she’ll have no troubles when it comes to the romance department.”

Allow Gossip Cop to examine this bogus story. While HollywoodLies claims on multiple occasions in its newest article that eight men are waiting to date Rihanna, it doesn’t mention one single name of a guy “dying to wine and dine her.” And laughably, the site is now trying to distance itself from its collection of phony stories about how hot-and-heavy the singer was with the billionaire Saudi. While the blog now alleges the “romance has cooled down,” just days ago it was creating fake news about how Rihanna’s happier with Jameel than she was with Drake.

As Gossip Cop noted a few days ago, HollywoodLife has simply been making up fake news about Jameel and Rihanna ever since they were spotted a month ago kissing in Spain. The untrustworthy blog, which recently falsely claimed Rihanna was pregnant with Drake’s or Chris Brown’s baby, clearly has no actual Rihanna insiders. It makes one wonder if the site continues to rely on really bad sources or just concocts articles from their own imaginations. In any event, an actual Rihanna insider tells Gossip Cop the HollywoodLies story about the singer having “8 other men dying to treat her like a princess” is “just stupid” and untrue.

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