After concocting more than a dozen fake news stories about Rihanna and Hassan Jameel's relationship not being serious, HollywoodLife has flip-flopped and is now claiming in a new report that the singer's romance with the Saudi billionaire "could get serious." Gossip Cop, however, can correct this latest fabrication. We're told no one legitimate in Rihanna's camp is talking to the outlet about the star.

As Gossip Cop has reported, the repeatedly discredited website has fabricated a number of made-up stories about Rihanna and the Saudi businessman. Earlier this month, we called out the site for wrongly claiming Rihanna was "happier" with Jameel than she was with Drake, but just days later, we caught the webloid trying to back away from its slew of tall tales by saying their relationship is "not that serious." Not surprisingly, the site now claims in yet another random assertion that the singer is a "total romantic," and her romance with Jameel could "turn serious."

According to the often disproven outlet, Rihanna's "romantic" side might "help Hassan win her heart." In a so-called "exclusive," a supposed "source" is quoted as saying, "[Rihanna] thinks [Jameel is] hot and loves the glamour attached to his name." But the website's seemingly non-existent insider goes on to claim that the pair could take their "friends with benefits" situation and turn it into something "more serious." "[Rihanna's] friends think he could wear her down and become her boyfriend at some point. It happened with Drake," adds the questionable tipster.

As Gossip Cop mentioned above, no one close to the singer is sharing this kind of information with the website. Despite its persistent claims, HollywoodLies, a nickname its rightly earned, has no real sources or evidence. Remember, this is the same outlet that falsely alleged Rihanna was pregnant with either Drake or Chris Brown's baby. Of course, that story was entirely manufactured.

So, in the real world, an actual source connected with Rihanna tells us the entirety of the site's latest claim is "nonsense." In fact, even Rihanna herself said she was "tired" of HollywoodLife making up fake news about her. Unfortunately, though, the outlet is continuing to peddle bogus stories about the star, and is showing no signs of stopping.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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