Rihanna “Might Be Pregnant” Is Fake News

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Rihanna Pregnant MediaTakeOut

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Rihanna Pregnant MediaTakeOut

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An article announcing Rihanna “might be pregnant” is fake news from the same webloid that has falsely impregnated the singer countless times. Gossip Cop can expose this pattern of inaccuracy.

Over the years, going back to at least 2007, MediaTakeOut has repeatedly published untrue stories about Rihanna being pregnant. Some of these have been the site merely sensationalizing non-scandalous paparazzi photos. In other instances, the outlet has claimed to have “worldwide exclusives” based on “sources” and “insiders” swearing Rihanna is expecting. Every single time, however, MediaFakeOut has been 100 percent wrong.

That includes in April 2016 when the webloid said Rihanna was pregnant with either Drake or Leonardo DiCaprio’s baby and in December 2016 when it said Rihanna was pregnant with Prince Harry’s baby. Other supposed baby daddies over the years have included Chris Brown and Travis Scott, among others. There was even a 2014 story in which MTO said it was willing to bet $10,000 that she was with child. MediaFakeOut lost that bet, of course.

And so it’s with that sordid history in mind that Gossip Cop presents the webloid’s latest installment in its 10-year pregnancy saga: “Rihanna MIGHT Be Pregnant By That BILLIONAIRE Y’all… She Was Out Last Night… Her Face Was FULLER… And She Was Wearing A MATERNITY DRESS!!! (Get That $$ Rih.)” Like some of the previous tales, the catalyst for this pregnancy report is simply Rihanna’s appearance, as seen in new paparazzi pictures.

“Rihanna arrived at one of the celebs’ favorite restaurants, Giorgio Baldi, in Santa Monica, California. The fashion designer and singer kept it chic in an all nude colored outfit – but that outfit looks like a maternity dress,” writes the site, which adds, “Rihanna is currently dating Saudi BILLIONAIRE Hassan Jameel, the heir to Saudi Arabia’s largest Toyota distributor – so getting pregnant might be a nice COME UP for her…”

Um, something tells us Rihanna isn’t hurting for cash. Regardless, there is absolutely nothing in the snapshots to indicate Rihanna is pregnant. There is also no evidence that she was wearing a “maternity dress.” The online publication has zero real proof that the superstar is expecting, but still saw fit to throw the allegation out there for the umpteenth time.

The speculation isn’t news. It’s fake news. It was designed not to provide readers with accurate information, but manufactured to be nothing more than clickbait. But given all the past pregnancy lies from MediaFakeOut’s fertile imagination, no one should bother clicking anymore.