Rihanna Pregnant With Drake Baby Report NOT True

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Rihanna Pregnant Drake Baby

By Shari Weiss |

Rihanna Pregnant Drake Baby

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Rihanna is NOT pregnant, despite a report speculating she is expecting a baby with Drake. Gossip Cop can correct the sensational claim.

A headline from Celeb Dirty Laundry reads, “Rihanna Pregnant After Drake’s Announcement: Little Drizzy On The Way?” The accompanying story begins by similarly asking, “Could Rihanna be pregnant with Drake’s baby?” The site goes on to write, “There is an awful lot of baby talk when it comes to newly confirmed couple, Rihanna and Drake. In recent months the couple have really taken their relationship to the next level with Drake happy to tell the world how much he loves Rihanna. He has also expressed an interest in having a baby!”

But what proof is there that Rihanna is pregnant? Well, the webloid has none. Instead, the outlet details her recent appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, as well as her on-stage kiss with Drake at his concert on Wednesday. And because all the outlet can do is speculate, it further writes, “There was also Drake’s announcement that he wanted to get Rihanna pregnant early this month. The Hotline Bling singer told a packed audience at the OVO Fest in Toronto in early August that he wanted to go ‘half on a baby’ with the 28-year-old, who showed up to perform with her man.”

“The two have also reportedly talked about how cute their offspring would be if they were to have children. Who knows how long the couple have been together behind the scenes, but now that they are official and crazy in love with one another, it looks like a baby is a given,” continues CDL, before asking, “Unless Rihanna is already pregnant? Are [they] waiting to share the news when the time is right? Maybe there is a little Drizzy on the way!”

No, a baby is not a “given,” and no Rihanna is not “already pregnant.” This is Celeb Dirty Laundry jumping to baseless conclusions without any hard evidence. Much like with HollywoodLife, it’s become standard practice for the site to take a hot topic and craft a story around it.

But Gossip Cop deals in facts, not fantasy. And the fact is, Rihanna is not pregnant. If and when she decides to have children, with or without Drake, it won’t be CDL breaking the news.

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