Rihanna “Pouring On The Pounds And Loving It” Story Is Made Up

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Rihanna Weight National Enquirer

By Shari Weiss |

Rihanna Weight National Enquirer

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A tabloid story about Rihanna “pouring on the pounds and loving it” is entirely made up. This cruel piece was crafted not to provide readers with actual news, but to body-shame the singer.

It can be found in the new issue of the National Enquirer, under the headline, “Rihanna A Ton Of Fun.” To hammer home that this is a story about the star’s size, the supermarket tabloid actually printed an image of a weight with the phrase “Holy moly!!” scrawled across it. The article begins by asserting Rihanna “landed at the London premiere” of the sci-fi movie Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets “looking like an unidentifiable waddling object!”

“The once-svelte Barbadian songbird has ballooned so badly in recent weeks, she hid herself from the boobs down in a massive circus tent of a gown. But what she dared to bare on the red carpet showed a serious weight gain. She even seems to have developed a double chin,” contends the mean-spirited gossip magazine. The outlet goes on to quote a doctor who has never met Rihanna, but nonetheless judges based on photos alone that she’s “put on about 100 pounds in the last year.”

But a so-called “source close to the star” supposedly tells the publication, “She doesn’t care. She still thinks she’s sexy. And at her level of fame, she figures she’s too big to fail.” The tabloid snarkily adds, “In more ways than one!” Yet if Rihanna is “loving” her size, as this piece contends, why is the National Enquirer rudely mocking her over it?

Probably because the tabloid has no shame, which is why it not only had a doctor who never treated Rihanna pass judgment on her appearance, but also pretended to have a “source close” to her comment on whether she still feels sexy. But Gossip Cop is told that no one in Rihanna’s circle would ever dish to this bottom-feeding outlet, particularly about her weight. Frankly, the publication has no business writing about the singer at all given that it lied more than nine months ago about Rihanna being pregnant with Drake’s baby. And that was after claiming Rihanna was expecting with Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s quite obvious the magazine didn’t have real Rihanna sources then, either.

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