MediaTakeOut is still trying to convince readers Rihanna is pregnant. But fans still shouldn't buy it. The singer is not expecting a baby with Hassan Jameel, despite flimsy speculation about a pregnancy.

As Gossip Cop has reported, MediaFakeOut, as it's known, has spent the last 10 years making up fake news about the singer being pregnant. Most recently, Gossip Cop busted the webloid just last week when it speculated that Rihanna "might be pregnant." The story was based not on any reliable sources or hard evidence, but a paparazzi photo of the performer in which the site claimed she was wearing what "looks like a maternity dress." Of course, she was wearing nothing of the sort.

But now the dubious outlet is doubling down. After sparking a pregnancy rumor based on Rihanna's dress, the online publication is continuing to fuel the narrative with a new story that focuses on her supposed "baby bump." On Tuesday, the latest headline blares, "PICS: Rihanna DEFINITELY Looks Pregnant At The Premiere Of Her New Movie... She Just CAME UP... Having That BILLIONAIRE'S BABY!!! (Did Rih... Pull A BLAC CHYNA??)"

"The rumors of Rihanna being pregnant just went from LUKEWARM to extra RED HOT - check her out at the premiere of her new movie, Valerian," it says in the accompanying story. "She's trying her BEST to hide the baby bump, but you can see it. The father is believed to be a Saudi BILLIONAIRE!!" That is a reference to Jameel, with whom Rihanna hooked up last month.

They haven't been seen together since, however, and whatever the OB-GYNs at MediaFakeOut think they're seeing on Rihanna in the new photos, it's not a "baby bump." There is, however, puffiness due to the excessive tulle on her Giambattista Valli couture dress. It was designed to cinch at the waist and then bulge below. Photos taken at various angles indicate the only "bump" Rihanna appears to have is the illusion of one created by the outfit and her particular pose in any give snapshot (see below).

But MediaFakeOut sees what it wants to see and runs sensational stories regardless of reality. That's why the webloid has previously impregnated Rihanna with babies by Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince Harry, among others. If the site was actually accurate, she'd have a whole soccer team of kids by now. But she doesn't, and all the while, MTO keeps delivering duds.

Rihanna Valerian Premiere 1

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Rihanna Valerian Premiere 2

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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