Rihanna is not "hiding" her left hand or her ring finger amid engagement rumors, despite a provably false claim. Gossip Cop can easily debunk this untrue allegation.

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail wrongly speculated Rihanna was engaged after she was seen wearing a ring on her wedding finger. Gossip Cop exclusively learned there was no truth to the theory. The singer, as she's shown countless time over the years, just happens to be a fan of sparkly baubles, as are many other celebrities. HollywoodLife, however, jumped on the engagement bandwagon, similarly floating the possibility that Rihanna was engaged to Hassan Jameel until flip-flopping and announcing it had "exclusively" learned "the truth." The truth, of course, was as we already said: Rihanna is not engaged.

Yet despite ultimately acknowledging that, the site has continued to spread the claim as if it was never busted. On Friday, for example, the webloid is running a story that begins, "As rumors continue to swirl that Rihanna and her secret boyfriend, Hassan Jameel are engaged, the singer also continues to hide her ring finger!" The outlet alleges the singer is "play[ing] the guessing game" because she supposedly "strategically hid her left hand" when she left The Forum in Los Angeles on Thursday night. This story specifically claims she "managed to slip past a bevy of paparazzi with everything on display — including her sultry cleavage and toned legs — but her ring finger."

The evidence for these contentions? A single picture in which the performer's hand was carrying belongings, making it difficult for it to be seen whether or not she was wearing a ring. But this wasn't a "strategic" move. She wasn't trying to "hide" her finger. In fact, other photos of Rihanna taken at the same time show her left hand completely visible. It's also visible she wasn't wearing a ring. Similarly, earlier in the day Rihanna was also photographed with her ring-less hand in clear view.

The online publication absurdly claims Rihanna "isn't giving us any hints" as to whether she's engaged because she's "hiding" her finger... when she's clearly not hiding it at all. It's also bizarre that the blog continues to suggest the music star may be engaged despite previously purporting to have an "exclusive" announcing that she's not. But this just goes to show what Gossip Cop has been saying for years: HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, doesn't care if its stories are consistent or accurate. It just wants to churn out content about top celebrities in hopes of getting clicks. But if you want facts and not distorted fiction, stick with us.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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