Rihanna NOT Engaged, “Secret Plans To Elope” Is Made-Up

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Rihanna Engaged

By Michael Lewittes |

Rihanna Engaged

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Rihanna’s Secret Plans To Elope Revealed,” reads the headline of a new seemingly made-up story from RadarOnline. The site also urges its readers to see the “Singer’s Massive Engagement Ring.” Among the problems with the article is that the website doesn’t furnish any details about her supposed elopement plans and, more importantly, Rihanna is not engaged nor is she wearing a diamond “engagement ring,” massive or even puny.

According to the often disproven website, Rihanna’s billionaire boyfriend “Hassan Jameel popped the question with a custom-made diamond.” Where did he propose? The outlet doesn’t know. When did Jameel ask for her hand in marriage? It also has no clue about that either. However, it does have the gall to claim it has a “source” who assures the repeatedly discredited outlet that Rihanna and Jameel have “talked about marriage.”

The blog’s alleged “insider” then vaguely offers, “Rihanna will no doubt elope somewhere quiet, or maybe exchange vows on the beach.” Wouldn’t an “insider” know a little more specifically her “secret plans to elope”? Next, the site’s purported “source” shares, as if it’s news, that the wedding will be “romantic.” Huh, a “romantic” wedding? Now that’s the type of scoop that can only be revealed by an “insider.”

To illustrate its bogus report, the website features a number of photos of Rihanna wearing at least four rings (see below). So, is she engaged to at least four men? Also noteworthy, the outlet neglects to mention that the photos it has of Rihanna were at the street naming ceremony in Barbados in her honor on November 30.

A couple of issues: The first false report about Rihanna being engaged was made a week later on December 7 by the Daily Mail. Basically, the blog is trying to use old photos to shoehorn its premise about the singer being engaged. But Rihanna love rings and collaborated with Chopard for a jewelry line. But the bigger issue, as Gossip Cop exclusively reported two weeks ago, is that Rihanna is not engaged.

To recap: RadarOnline claims it can reveal Rihanna’s “secret plans to elope,” but it has no specifics. It also has no details about how or when Jameel supposedly proposed. And the photos it uses to talk about her “massive engagement ring” feature several rings that she wore well before anyone even claimed she was engaged. Nothing in the site’s story about her plans to elope or engagement rings true.

Rihanna Engagement Ring

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