HollywoodLife Flip-Flops On Rihanna Being Engaged To Hassan Jameel

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HollywoodLife Rihanna engaged

By Gossip Cop Staff |

HollywoodLife Rihanna engaged

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HollywoodLife is flip-flopping on whether Rihanna is engaged. After Gossip Cop busted the rumors, twice, the webloid now has the nerve to claim it “EXCLUSIVELY learned if Hassan Jameel popped the question.”

As Gossip Cop reported, on Thursday the Daily Mail speculated Rihanna was engaged because she was photographed wearing a diamond ring. Upon investigating, we were exclusively told she was not, in fact, set to wed and the ring was unconnected to an engagement. We promptly debunked the speculation and alerted both fans and fellow media outlets to the correct information. And on Friday, we set the record straight for a second time after search engines continued to turn out wrong results. People also backed up our reporting, confirming Rihanna’s “ring is not linked to an engagement.”

Of course, HollywoodLies, as it’s known, was one of the publications to initially spread the possibility that Rihanna was engaged. On Thursday, the site wrote, “Did Rihanna just get engaged without telling us? If so, she deserves props for her subtle sneakiness and, of course, our heartfelt congratulations.” The outlet went on to add, “If the two of them are really engaged, we wish the new couple all the best.” It was clear the blog saw fit to regurgitate the rumors without first investigating and fact-checking.

But then on Friday night, after Gossip Cop twice corrected the untrue engagement allegation and after People did so as well, HollywoodLies gallingly decided to announce it “exclusively” obtained “the truth.” To pretend it really learned this information on its own, the online publication quotes a so-called “source close to the songstress” as saying, “Rihanna is not actually engaged.” But if the webloid really had a legitimate “source” and inside access to Rihanna’s camp, why didn’t the site know in the first place, as Gossip Cop did, that she wasn’t actually engaged?

Surely if the outlet was in-the-know, it would’ve learned in a timely fashion, as Gossip Cop did, that Rihanna isn’t set to wed, and would’ve published “the truth” from the start, as opposed to first spreading misinformation. But this is one of the blog’s standard practices: Fuel a lie and then pretend to have “exclusively learned” the allegation is untrue after Gossip Cop or other reputable outlets have already set the record straight. It’s a shameful charade.

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