Is Rihanna spending "hundreds of thousands of dollars" on a new wardrobe after gaining weight? That's the rumor coming from a tabloid. Gossip Cop looked into the claim.

On Tuesday, OK! is alleging in a headline on its website, "Rihanna Is Spending Big Bucks On Her New Wardrobe After Gaining Weight." The accompanying story begins, "Diamonds are nothing when Rihanna is rocking with you, and so it is no surprise she knows how to spend money! With her sexy weight gain though (which has everyone in a frenzy!), she's had to purchase new clothes, and her wardrobe bill is reportedly eye-popping!"

"She's spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new dresses, lingerie, jeans, T-shirts," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. "Pretty much everything's got to go, because she's up at least two to three dress sizes from where she was a couple years ago... Her shoes are [also] tough to squeeze into these days, because her feet have gone up by a half size."

The gossip magazine's supposed snitch goes on to claim, "Ri's not lost her expensive taste so this is hitting her hard in the pocket as long as this new lifestyle lasts. Even if she drops a little weight, most of her old bikinis and tight-fitting outfits are unlikely to fit her." Outlets like OK! seem to think that using nicknames like "Ri" in quotes will lead readers to think its sources are legitimate and in-the-know.

But this publication has repeatedly demonstrated that it doesn't actually have accurate inside knowledge when it comes to the singer (and many other celebrities). Over the years, for example, the tabloid has falsely linked Rihanna romantically to Eminem, Usher and Ryan Phillippe. In 2010, the magazine even wrongly claimed she was set to wed Matt Kemp. More recently, last December, the outlet outright lied about Rihanna going on a date with Prince Harry.

Now, all of a sudden, the publication has a real "source" talking about something as personal as Rihanna's weight gain affecting her wardrobe? That's hard to buy, especially given that its sister outlet Star just used that purported weight gain last week to spread untrue speculation about Rihanna being pregnant. Both magazines, in different ways, are grossly trying to capitalize on the performer's perceived increase in size, even though both have proven that they don't have real access to her inner circle. If they did, that pregnancy falsehood never would've been published.

Gossip Cop is assured no one close to Rihanna is talking to these tabloids about her size or spending habits. And while OK! tries to make it seem like it's not body-shaming Rihanna by calling her weight gain "sexy," it is still guilty of shamefully using her size to manufacture fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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