Rihanna “Laughing Off” Body Shamers Story Is Fake News

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Rihanna Body Shamers

By Michael Lewittes |

Rihanna Body Shamers

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A story by HollywoodLife that alleges Rihanna is “laughing off” body shamers is nothing more than fake news. And while there’s nothing intrinsically negative about the website’s article, there’s also nothing that was truly conveyed by actual Rihanna insiders to the repeatedly disproven website. Gossip Cop is told the outlet seemingly made up the the claims and quotations and shamefully ascribed them to make-believe Rihanna sources.

In its latest tall tale, the often discredited site alleges that while Internet trolls have poked fun at the singer’s currently curvier frame, Rihanna has learned to cope with the mean-spirited cracks and “absurd pregnancy rumors.” Interestingly, HollywoodLies, as it’s known, was among the outlets that started the pregnancy rumors, but more about that in a second. Anyway, now the outlet contends that at first Rihanna was “hurt” by the online comments that included her being called “fat,” but now she’s “laughing it off.”

Hilariously, HollywoodLies’ seemingly fabricated “source” is quoted as saying, despite her slight weight gain, “Rihanna’s not pregnant.” That’s very interesting because just a week ago, the same untrustworthy site wrote that the singer appeared to be “pregnant with her first child.” In fact, the outlet devoted an entire article to how Rihanna wasn’t sure whether she was pregnant with Drake’s or Chris Brown’s baby because she was “going back and forth between” the two men. The unreliable outlet even reiterated that it was “hard to keep track” of who the baby’s father was. Actually, it appears it’s hard for HollywoodLife to keep track of all its lies.

In any event, Gossip Cop is assured by a legitimate Rihanna confidante that the webloid does not have credible sources for the singer and often makes up phony claims about her personal life. In fact, just a month ago, Gossip Cop was told by the same impeccable insider that while she generally doesn’t pay attention to any of this nonsense, Rihanna’s tired of HollywoodLife’s fake news stories. As we noted at the time, our spot-on source maintained that Rihanna doesn’t get bent out of shape or “hurt,” as the site falsely claimed in its latest fiasco, but she also doesn’t like the idea of outlets “pretending to know about her when they don’t.” As Gossip Cop has said before, if you want to read fiction about Rihanna, HollywoodLies will continue to churn it out, but if you want stories that have been thoroughly fact-checked, there’s only one Gossip Cop.

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