Rihanna and Kanye West Tour Canceled Because Of Backstage Drama?

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Rihanna Kanye West Tour

By Daniel Gates |

Rihanna Kanye West Tour

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Rihanna and Kanye West did not have a joint tour derailed by backstage fighting, despite a Star report claiming “these two music moguls can’t share the same stage!” Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to the outlet, Rihanna “nixed the idea after Kanye, true to form, commandeered the spotlight.” Referring to a leaked, since-deleted non-announcement that surfaced last month, a Star source claims, “She didn’t like how the tour was announced and felt like Kanye would end up hijacking the entire thing.”

Star points to West’s in-laws as another major reason behind the tour not happening. A tabloid source says, “Rihanna worried about just how involved the Kardashians would be in the tour. She’s witnessed firsthand how that family can affect a situation, and Rihanna believed that Kim would upstage her.”

Wait, so was Rihanna allegedly worried about West upstaging her, or West’s wife upstaging her? Star can’t seem to decide. In any case, the tabloid wants to stir controversy, so it claims the two music stars are now at war. “Kanye can’t believe she backed out,” says a Star source. “They had planned to have a big world tour, which would have spanned nearly a year and gone all around the world. This has been a huge blow to his ego — and now they aren’t speaking.”

None of this is true. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop that West and Rihanna are very much on good terms, and there’s no feud between them. Moreover, the idea that a fully-planned world tour got canceled at the last minute because Rihanna had cold feet is “not true.”


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