Rihanna NOT On “Honeymoon” With “Billionaire Boyfriend,” Despite Speculative Claim

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Rihanna Honeymoon

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Rihanna Honeymoon

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Rihanna is not on a “honeymoon” with her “billionaire boyfriend,” despite a speculative claim. Because the singer and Hassan Jameel were photographed together in Paris, a webloid decided to use the pictures as the basis for a fake news story. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

A headline on RadarOnline is blaring, “PDA PHOTOS: Honeymoon? Rihanna Cozies Up To Billionaire Boyfriend During Romantic Paris Getaway.” The only true aspect of that title is that Rihanna and Jameel were in Paris. But they were not showing PDA or getting cozy in any way. They were pictured merely standing next to one another on a balcony. Most importantly, they were not on a “honeymoon.”

But to sensationalize the benign snapshots, the site asserts, “The vacation comes days after the singer was spotted wearing a massive diamond ring.” That’s a distortion, too. It was more than a month ago, not just “days,” that Rihanna was wrongly rumored to be engaged after she sported a ring. And nearly two weeks later, the blog used the untrue engagement claim to falsely allege Rihanna had “secret plans to elope.”

Now simply because Rihanna and Jameel were seen together in Paris, the outlet is taking its phony narrative further with this “honeymoon” spin. Though the online publication has no evidence the pair has wed, it maintains they are “getting serious” and “couldn’t seem more in love.” Again, in the photos, they are simply looking out over a balcony. They aren’t even touching. Regardless, the online publication goes on to maintain that Rihanna “may in fact already be engaged” to Jameel after she was “spotted wearing a massive diamond ring.”

The webloid then quotes a so-called “source,” who supposedly recently said, “This relationship is different than any Rihanna’s been in before. She wants to settle down, and Hassan is the perfect person to do that with. They could announce their engagement any day now!” And now the blog has jumped ahead to a “honeymoon.” That’s despite People also confirming last month that Rihanna’s ring was not a sign she’s engaged, just as Gossip Cop rightly said.

So, to be clear, it was already correctly reported weeks ago that Rihanna is not engaged. Yet because she and Jameel stood together on a balcony, RadarOnline is speculating about a “honeymoon.” Rather than plainly stating the pair were pictured in Paris, the site took a clickbait approach in hopes of convincing readers to click through its photo gallery. It’s deceptive, unsubstantiated fake news.

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