Rihanna, Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Have NOT Split, Despite Claims She ‘Dumped’ Him

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Rihanna Hassan Jameel Split

By Michael Lewittes |

Rihanna Hassan Jameel Split

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Rihanna is not “back on the market,” because she and her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel have not split up, despite untrue claims that she “dumped” him. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fake news. We’re told a number of reports from less-than-reliable outlets are wrong about the couple breaking up.

The false report began with the often disproven MediaTakeout, and was then picked up by the lemmings at HollywoodLife, a site not known for fact-checking its stories. According to MediaFakeOut’s alleged source, Rihanna’ relationship with the Saudi billionaire is “over” because the singer “just got tired of him.” “She gets tired of men sometimes,” adds the supposed insider. The blog further maintains that “Rihanna broke his heart. That’s what she does… break men’s hearts.”

Naturally, neither of the two outlets mention when, how, or where the purported split happened. Of course, if MTO actually had Rihanna insiders, as it claims it does, it would have more details about their alleged breakup. But instead of facts or specifics, both that blog and the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies fill their articles with how wealthy Jameel and his family are and old news about him previously dating Naomi Campbell.

Gossip Cop reached out to Rihanna’s team for an official comment, and will update when we get one. But an acquaintance of ours and the singer looked into the claims and assures us exclusively that talk of Rihanna and Jameel having split is “untrue.” Sadly, we’re not surprised by the falsity of the MediaFakeout story or that HollywoodLies would pick up such an inaccurate report, considering their track records with Rihanna are not exactly stellar.

Just 11 months ago, for example, Gossip Cop busted MTO when it falsely contended that Rihanna was pregnant with Jameel’s baby. Not only did we say it was untrue, but time has also proven us right. Prior to that giant goof, the blog had also previously claimed it had sources who assured it that Rihanna was expecting the babies of Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince Harry.

HollywoodLies has also had a rather fertile imagination when it comes to the Barbadian singer. In January, for instance, we nailed the site when it wrongly speculated that Rihanna was pregnant at the Grammys with Jameel’s childGossip Cop also exposed the untrustworthy outlet, which shamelessly claims to have exclusives about her, when it falsely reported that Rihanna may be engaged to Jameel.

None of those aforementioned stories were true, and neither is the latest one about Rihanna having “dumped” Jameel. Gossip Cop is assured they are still together by the same impeccable insider who helped us debunked the other tall tales about her. The only ones who should be “dumped” are the fake news distributors at MediaTakeOut and HollywoodLife.


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