HollywoodLife Weasels Out Of Fake Rihanna, Hassan Jameel Stories With Phony Leonardo DiCaprio Claim

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Rihanna Hassan Jameel Leonardo DiCaprio

By Michael Lewittes |

Rihanna Hassan Jameel Leonardo DiCaprio

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HollywoodLife is now trying to weasel out of its slew of made-up Rihanna and Hassan Jameel stories. And in doing so, the untrustworthy site has also made a phony claim about her and Leonardo DiCaprio being “friends with benefits.” Gossip Cop can correct the outlet, and expose it for manufacturing a number of false reports.

After concocting more than a dozen fake news stories about Rihanna and Jameel’s relationship, including how she was “focused” on the Saudi billionaire, now the website is backing away from its tall tales by saying their romance is “just not that serious.” And it its feeble attempt to distance itself from its own phony reports, the untrustworthy outlet lobs another fabrication. According to HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, Rihanna sees “Hassan the way she saw Leo DiCaprio… just a friend with benefits.”

To bolster its bogus claim, the site has a seemingly made-up source conveniently say exactly what it needs to crawl away from its web of lies. The so-called “insider” spouts, “Rihanna is taking her relationship with Hassan the same way she took her relationship with Leo DiCaprio a few years ago,” adding that “when they are in the same place at the same time, they will hook up but they are not getting super serious.” The highly suspect tipster asserts, “They would be best considered friends with benefits right now.”

First, it should be noted that despite HollywoodLies’ contention in May 2016 that Rihanna and DiCaprio were dating, the two stars have never been “friends with benefits,” as the outlet now maintains. It’s a complete falsehood. Naturally, that calls into question the alleged insider’s claim that “Rihanna is taking her relationship with Hassan the same way she took her relationship with Leo DiCaprio.”

Of course, as Gossip Cop has been repeatedly noted, no one in Rihanna’s inner circle is talking to HollywoodLies, which actually reported a few weeks ago that she was pregnant with Chris Brown’s baby. It appears the outlet sometimes just churns out whatever it thinks about Rihanna. For example, among the many fake news stories the site created about her and the Saudi Arabian businessman was an article four weeks ago that asserted Rihanna was “happier” with Jameel than with Drake.

As Gossip Cop noted then, that was also 100 percent made-up. Now, the blog is trying to weasel out of its many untrue stories about Rihanna and Jameel by adding a wholly inaccurate claim about her and DiCaprio being “friends with benefits.” Simply, these are all lies.

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