Rihanna “Happier” With Hassan Jameel Than With Drake Is Fake News

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Rihanna Hassan Jameel Drake

By Michael Lewittes |

Rihanna Hassan Jameel Drake

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Rihanna being “happier” with Hassan Jameel than she was with Drake is nothing more than a fake news story. The claim was manufactured by a website that has been caught on a near daily basis for fabricating reports about celebrities, including Rihanna. And Gossip Cop can easily prove it was made up.

According to the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife, “Jameel makes [Rihanna] happier than Drake.” The site then has a seemingly manufactured “source” say such nonspecific phrases as “Hassan treats her with so much love and respect,” and “he’s making her drop her guard.” How so?

Of course, the habitually disproven site offers no examples of how Hassan treats Rihanna with “respect,” nor does it explain how she’s dropped her guard. Instead, the outlet just slaps together generic sentences and claims to have insider information. But it’s all untrue, and it’s the reason the blog has earned the nickname HollywoodLies.

And while the webloid reiterates that “she’s way happier than she ever was with Drizzy,” again it doesn’t offer concrete reasons why. It simply states meaninglessly that Rihanna’s looking for a relationship that’s “real” and “genuine.” Those, of course, are two words that are rarely ascribed to HollywoodLies.

Having literally provided no insight into Rihanna’s romance with her new Saudia Arabian boyfriend, nor proof why he makes her “happier” than Drake, the often discredited outlet concludes its fake news story with more vague remarks about how Jameel “treats her like a princess” and “makes her feel comfortable.” Again, how so?

HollywoodLife doesn’t have the answers because the site doesn’t have any real Rihanna sources. Remember, this is the same blog that only five weeks ago falsely maintained Rihanna was pregnant with Drake’s baby. It’s also the same outlet Gossip Cop called out 24 hours ago for publishing a fake news story about Rihanna hoping Jameel will make her forget Chris Brown.

The webloid just fills its phony articles with wish-washy quotations that bear no information. If HollywoodLies knew anything about Rihanna’s love life, it would have broken the story about her new romance. Instead, after photos of her emerged with Jameel, and he was later identified by name, the blog went into overdrive churning out one fake news article after another.

In addition to all the other essential facts that are missing from HollywoodLies’ latest manufactured story, which added Drake for a new twist, the outlet makes no mention of where Rihanna is now. Is she with Jameel? What are they doing? Clearly, if a so-called “source” knows such an intimate detail about her allegedly being “happier” with Jameel than Drake, that same supposed insider would know what Rihanna’s up to. But it’s all lies, and Gossip Cop cannot help but feel that HollywoodLife is destroying legitimate reporting with its fiction masquerading as journalism.