Rihanna New Album ‘Anti’: Fans React To Surprise Release – See Twitter Reactions!

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Rihanna Anti Fans React

By Andrew Shuster |

Rihanna Anti Fans React


Rihanna unexpectedly dropped her new album Anti on Thursday, and fans are now reacting to the surprise release of the singer’s eighth studio album. See Twitter reactions below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Rihanna premiered “Work,” her new single with Drake, on Wednesday. Shortly after the song dropped, fans speculated that her full new album would be coming next, and they turned out to be correct. Anti is Rihanna’s first release in nearly four years.

Despite it only having been out for a number of hours, countless people have already listened to Rihanna’s entire 13-track record. A fan with the Twitter handle @SuchAF_cKnLADY wrote, “ANTI is great. It’s worth every millisecond we had to wait for it. The track list flows, no urges to skip any songs. The dedication shows.” A person with the account @yxnal expressed, “Rihanna is the most versatile and interesting artist in the music industry today. she’s not afraid to change, that’s the key for longevity.”

Meanwhile, a Rihanna fan page called @iDreamRihanna, tweeted, “Rihanna carries a type of versatility and ingenuity that is very rare in today’s industry. Truly a pioneer of her time.” As for the album being available to stream at no cost, ‏@MusicsRebellion said, “HUGE respect to Rihanna for giving away her album for free, she knows the music matters more than chart positions.”

A fan with the handle @goddessyonce tweeted, “This is the most versatile and soulful album Rihanna has ever put out. I’m in love with it.” And a person named ‏@deeedits offered, “This album is one of the most honest and most beautiful albums I ever heard in my life! Thank you so much for this, we love u!”

After receiving these flattering tweets and hundreds more like them, Rihanna herself said, “You guys legit made me the happiest girl in the world!! I’m so grateful that you appreciate the #ANTI album! It’s the most rewarding feeling.”


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