Rihanna NOT Engaged, Despite Wrong Search Results

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Rihanna Engaged

By Michael Lewittes |

Rihanna Engaged

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Rihanna is not engaged to Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. How does Gossip Cop know? We checked in with a source close to her. How would someone doing a search for “Rihanna engaged” know she’s actually not set to wed Jameel? They wouldn’t, because the top results are inaccurate, speculative stories from the Mirror, the Sun and Vogue.

Rihanna Engaged

Did any of those outlets get an answer from a Rihanna confidante like Gossip Cop did? Not one. Instead, they relied on pictures of Rihanna wearing a diamond ring they hadn’t seen before and simply jumped to the conclusion that she might be engaged. But they’re wrong. And you shouldn’t trust those stories.

Alongside photos of the jewelery-loving singer, the best the Mirror could come up with was that Rihanna was “spotted out and about with one giant diamond-looking ring on her ring finger this week, stoking rumours she’s set to tie the knot with the businessman.” Meanwhile, the Sun could only offer how Rihanna “sparked rumours that she’s engaged to her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel after she was spotted wearing a massive ring on her wedding finger.” Vogue simply threw up its hands and asked, “Is That an Engagement Ring on Rihanna’s Finger?!”

A slew of other outlets, including OK! and Glamour, similarly ran articles with the headline, “Is Rihanna Engaged?” So basically, if someone searched “Rihanna engaged” the best they got were either more questions or a slew of “rumors.” Rather than asking questions, Gossip Cop gets answers. As noted above, the answer is 100 percent no. A source close to the singer assured us on background that all talk of Rihanna being engaged “isn’t true.”

The fact of the matter is the singer loves bracelets, necklaces, and yes, rings. Just this past spring, Rihanna collaborated with Chopard on a line of jewelry. Additionally, she’s been photographed on numerous occasions wearing rings on what would be her wedding finger and yet, she’s never been married or engaged (see below). Again Gossip Cop asks: Should you trust those stories that came up in search results or the site that fact-checks 24/7?


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