Rihanna NOT Engaged To Hassan Jameel, Despite Report

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Rihanna Engaged Hassan Jameel

By Andrew Shuster |

Rihanna Engaged Hassan Jameel

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Rihanna is not engaged to boyfriend Hassan Jameel, despite inaccurate speculation based on a photo of the singer wearing a diamond ring. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we’ve exclusively learned the truth.

On Wednesday night, Rihanna was photographed in New York City sporting a flashy diamond jewel on her ring finger. Without any sources to back up its claim, the Daily Mail theorizes that the singer’s boyfriend must have proposed. The unreliable site blares in a headline, “Rihanna sparks engagement rumors as she flashes HUGE diamond ring on wedding finger that could be from beau Hassan Jameel.” However, the outlet is the only one sparking “engagement rumors.”

The tabloid further surmises, “It looks as if the relationship could have taken a more serious turn lately.” Gossip Cop, however, is exclusively assured on background by a source close to Rihanna that the singer and Saudi billionaire aren’t engaged, and the speculation otherwise “isn’t true.” The site based its unfounded article on a piece of jewelry and no further evidence. In fact, Rihanna is known for having a large collection of rings that she regularly flaunts at events. And that’s precisely what she did in New York City.

Also, the Daily Mail has a habit of wrongly speculating about a famous woman’s relationship status based on what she’s wearing on her fingers. The magazine recently regurgitated a false report about Lady Gaga being engaged to boyfriend Christian Carino, and then questioned why she wasn’t wearing an engagement ring in subsequent paparazzi photos. The simple reason, of course, is that Gaga isn’t engaged, despite the outlet’s claim otherwise.

In October, Gossip Cop called out the publication for wrongly speculating that Jennifer Lawrence was engaged to Darren Aronofsky after the actress was spotted wearing a diamond on her ring finger. Not only were the two not engaged, but they broke up a month later. Perhaps the tabloid shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on jewelry. And the same can be said for HollywoodLife, which also incorrectly suspects that Rihanna is engaged. While others speculate on photos, Gossip Cop fact-checks with insiders, which is why our stories ring true.