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A certain website is claiming to know Rihanna's reaction to Drake's feud with Pusha T. The problem is that its two "exclusives" on the subject are rather contradictory. Gossip Cop can explain how the inconsistencies show the stories are made-up and the alleged insight is fake.

On Tuesday, HollywoodLife announced in a headline, "Rihanna's On Team Drake In His Beef With Pusha T: She's 'Tired' Of Seeing People Try To 'Drag Him Down.'" The piece begins by asserting Rihanna is "totally supporting" her ex and "has Drake's back" as he and Pusha T trade barbs via raps. A so-called "source" is quoted as mimicking the headline, "Rihanna is totally on Team Drake in his beef with Pusha T." This alleged tipster goes on to contend the singer is "tired of seeing others try to drag Drake down. Even though Rihanna has moved on from her relationship with Drake, she still quietly has his back in situations like this, where haters come after him."

It all leads the site to editorialize, "It's good to know she is still sticking up for him and not letting any personal issues affect what she feels she knows to be true." But how does that square away with what the blog is claiming just one day later? On Wednesday, the outlet offered up a new headline declaring, "Rihanna Regrets Ever Dating Drake As Lovechild Drama Explodes: She Hates Being 'Dragged' Into It." In the wake of Pusha T accusing his rival of being a "deadbeat dad" with a secret son, another "anonymous "source" is quoted as saying, "Right now she's regretting ever dating Drake, she really hates getting caught up in this kind of drama. One thing's for sure, she's incredibly glad she's not having Drake's baby."

That's a pretty interesting comment since earlier this week marked one full year since HollywoodLies, as the online publication is known for its tendency to make-up bogus stories, speculated Rihanna was pregnant with Drake's baby. Not only did Gossip Cop bust that claim 12 months ago, but the passage of time has underscored just how untrue it was. Now consider that in the course of 24 hours, the website has gone from maintaining Rihanna is on "team Drake" to contending she "regrets ever dating" him.

Even the outlet opines, "Rihanna turning her back on Drake is incredibly surprising considering the loyalty she's shown only recently." And, making it all the more clear these stories are phony, the "source" in the second article goes on to say, "Rihanna isn't going to comment on Drake's situation." Then why would she have a "source" close to her leak to a gossip blog how she feels about this subject at all? Of course, Gossip Cop has been assured on several occasions over the years that those in her inner circle don't go dishing to HollywoodLies.

That should be apparent from all the times the publication has published falsehoods about her, including the aforementioned pregnancy claim a year ago. And the fact of the matter is, if the website really had "sources" connected to Rihanna, it wouldn't have published inconsistent narratives just hours apart. However Rihanna feels about Drake's feud with Pusha T, it's clear HollywodLies doesn't really know her actual reaction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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