WATCH: Rihanna Finds Dog In Club Bathroom, Takes Puppy Home (VIDEOS)

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Rihanna dog pepe snapchat

By Minyvonne Burke |

Rihanna dog pepe snapchat

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Rihanna’s night of partying at 1OAK nightclub in Los Angeles on Saturday ended with the pop star taking home a puppy after supposedly finding him in the club’s bathroom. Rihanna’s friends documented the incident on Snapchat videos, noting the singer has since named the cute dog Pepe. Watch the videos below.

In one of the videos, Rihanna is seen holding the tiny puppy while she explains, “Well I found him in the bathroom somewhere and he ran up to me.” In a second video, the singer’s friend shows off the dog’s new cage, expressing disbelief as she says, “Where the f*ck did this b*tch find a dog? She literally just went to the club, came back with a cage, wee-wee pads, food and a f*cking dog.” In a third Snapchat video, Rihanna is seen bouncing up and down as she tries to get her new puppy to go to sleep. Instead, the pop star’s dog bites on the zipper of her jacket as she lays on a bed.

So far, no one who was at the club has come forward to claim the cute pup, and Rihanna has not mentioned the dog on her social media pages. Check out the Snapchat videos below of Rihanna with Pepe, and tell us what you think.


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